Modern Day Varèse

Interesting review of a recent concert by the Manhattan School of Music Percussion Ensemble performing Edgard Varèse. A notable quote:

Having grown up surrounded by hiphop, industrial, and electronica, these kids find nothing unusual in the idea of a piece which is all about sirens, noise and thunderous percussion. In fact, I think they get a work like Ionisation in a way that most classically-trained musicians of previous generations have a lot of trouble wrapping their heads around.

Via aworks which also links to an mp3 download of Ionisation.

8 Responses to “Modern Day Varèse”

  1. Rick Wood says:

    Yes, and the next concert in the series is one of Zappa’s music. Is anyone going to this in NYC who can report? See:

  2. Al Stone says:

    Sounds like it was an exciting event. I can relate to what he said about the way younger people relate to the rhythmic aspects of the music. I went to a Varese concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall several yars back which was aimed at secondary school children, and they really seemed to enjoy it.

  3. DJA says:

    I’ll be reviewing the Zappa composer portrait as well.

  4. Paul Sempschi says:

    An orchestral King Kong? Curious.

  5. beepee says:

    Very nice write up (and I was there). Try googling the NY Times review wherein Varese is labeled as “wistfully dated” by the mental midget.

  6. jim says:

    Who says February is the cruellest month?

    Absurd as it may sound, this’s my first exposure 2 Ionisation of more than 20sec. duration … mmm, stochastic … & noisy … yup, I can see a certain smart-ass kid w/ a big nose now, drivin’ his Ma up the wall by cranking THAT up full-blast – a seminal moment in 20th Century Music.

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    New York Times has a review of the Zappa concert at the Miller theater (as mentioned above by Rick Wood).

  8. DJA says:

    Mine’s up now too. And at the bottom, I link to some of the other blogosphere reviews.

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