Mo’ Little MOFO

Ned (thanks Ned!) informs me of this post made by Gail on the forums:

Re Little MOFO – We are informed that the release date is officially 5 December and you could easily see it in the stores that week in the U.S. As for the Mother of Freaking Out, we think it could start shipping as early as the following week but there will be an Official Update at sometime this week when we confirm real information. Just so you know, we did just get a little MOFO in our hot little hands but not the MAMA. One more thing – the baby MOFO is not a prequel or a sequel (should it come out either before or after MOFO Deluxe) – it is of course geneticaly related but was brought into the world with its own material as well. We did not want to leave anyone out over a budgetary concern. We deemed it a necessity to make this an all inclusive release option, given that FZ’s Music (et al) is the world’s finest optional entertainment.

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  1. mcnastie says:

    blah fuckin blah.

    another elliptical missive from the 21st century elitist queen of the rancid laurel canyon nostalgia boutique (you know, the one selling the sealed tuna sandwiches and the shmertz golden rot-gut beer).

    after trying (and failing) to make heads/tails of her mysterious message, i have concluded that gail did not share frank’s distaste for lysergic acid diethylamide.

    the widow’s gone off her rocker again.

  2. billy mack says:

    i think there was a typo…
    it should say …

    it is of course geneticaly related but was brought into the world with its own material as well. We did want to leave everyone out over a budgetary concern.

    two different sets?
    that’s expensive for everyone!

    ugh. i’m not buying this one.
    sorry gail.

  3. ZarFT says:

    for those of you who are trying to figire out just WTF she is talking about, we have prepared the following translation guide:

    Little MOFO, baby MOFO = 2 disc set

    Mother of Freaking Out, MAMA, MOFO Deluxe = 4 disc set

    and remember, as always, you want ROXY? = fuck you!

  4. Joe nntj says:

    she made me do it!

  5. amy zon says:

    does anyone really care? order rankings as of this writing:

    Freak Out (itself) #4,663

    MOFO (the little one): #23,787

    The Essential Heart: #2,521

  6. Joe nntj says:

    you got something against HEART?

  7. Bob Again says:

    nothing…i heart HEART!

  8. Brian Walsh says:

    At the risk of sounding like I don’t belong on this website… could someone explain to me what the MOFO dilemma/wait/great white hype is? I gather that MOFO stands for mother of freaking out and therefore would guess that it happened (originally…) around ’66… what’s the haps? I suppose I shall check these > to see what I can see, but repondez s’il vous plait.

  9. Brian Walsh says:

    correction: MOFO must stand for making of freak out. duh. i know, i know. sorry. ok. that explains a lot. especially given the 40 year anniversary of Freak Out and the Freak Out ale, and the rest of the bally-hoo. still, any additional info on why I should be waiting for this particular release with baited breath would be appreciated (i.e. there’s a version of trouble every day without the fade out, or a jam from hungry freaks, daddy, or an explanation of who the son of monster magnet’s father is…). I suppose the preceding would necessitate me buying it. I guess. hmmm

  10. Paul Sempschi says:

    It will be an exciting release because not much is known/heard officially about the Mothers at this point. It was a strange time, FZ was putting out manifesto papers (Freaking Out as a form of rEvolution) and really delving into his anthropology (precursor to what he’d do on the Bizarre label). Since I wrote about it elsewhere, no need to go into what COULD be on this release(s). Be prepared to have a lot of talking however- which may not be so bad, wanna hear the life story about the toothless guy with the colander on his head? Miles’ book mentioned a young groupy who FZ recorded fantasizing about murdering pregnant Gail and running off with him- that was around ’67 though/more or a “Money” release but if it lasted for more than 10 minutes could be a candidate for the Corsaga series (broken up into 3 discs, to be bought seperately and featuring seperate mixes).
    Damn it Gail, it would be so much simpler to release it all as one big boxset and put it into stores!

  11. Bob Again says:

    Gail’s pregnant?

  12. vince says:

    Anaogy for Americas ‘giving the retarded gov’mint free reign to do whatever they want, and then, when the people start asking questions, their ‘so-called’ leaders say, “Just wait. We’ll give you that exit stadegy. We’ll tell why we REALLY went to Iraq. All will be answered. What? You want to get rid of us. Oh. OK. Well, it’s a good thing we only have a ‘two-party’ system here in the USA. We’ve bought the ‘other side’, too so if you put THEM in office, you STILL won’t get any answers. “LIFE IS SUCH A BALL, I RUN THE WORLD CALLED CITY HAAAAAAALLLLL!”
    Oops. Wrong album.

  13. Paul Sempschi says:

    Bob Again Says:

    November 28th, 2006 at 3:52 pm
    Gail’s pregnant?

    She was (with Dweez) at the time.

  14. urbangraffito says:

    The way I figure it, Barry, MOFO stands for (M)other (O)f (F)ucking (O)ut there…

  15. Blue Gal at the Aristocrats says:

    Sorry if this feels like spam. It’s actually kosher smoked turkey.

    I just wanted all of you to have updated info on the blogswarm for Frank Zappa:

    December 4 through 22 shall henceforth be known as Zappadan: the days
    of the year between death and birth, that ethereal time when there was
    no Frank, so we must celebrate him to keep his spirit safe until his
    birthday again.

    Or it’s just a great excuse for a party that has nothing to do with
    the greed and debt festival known as Christmas in America.

    In any event, it’s a labor of love with the hope that Frank would be proud.

    You can make a contribution by posting something about Frank or
    writing something up and sending it to the Aristocrats. You will be
    compensated for your effort with linky love, or a post to call your
    own at the Aristocrats.

    Details here:


  16. Brian Walsh says:

    Hey Paul, thanks for the info… I’d be interested to see if FZ did any reading of Sartre around that time. Now, now… that probably sounds a lot like a delve into the “Negative Dialectics of Poodle Play” weirdness zone, but if there was any 20th c. philos-t-opher FZ would have identified with, it would have been Sartre… if you’re interested in why I think that is, we can hash it out or something. Especially Sartre’s ideas about “commitment” in literature and his thought shift following the May ’68 riots in Paris.

    [for those of you who have been on this website posting random thoughts for a while, I was previously known as and posted some things as sartreanzap… seemed a little silly though once I thought about it.]

    and a few miles outside of town…

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