Floyd Meets Zappa

Yet another download: “Pink Floyd Meets Frank Zappa” (vinyl bootleg), which is presumably the (in)famous Amougies gig from 25th October 1969. (Rapidshare alert)
Update: here’s some more info, a picture of the vinyl sleeve and another download facility.

10 Responses to “Floyd Meets Zappa”

  1. Duncan says:

    see the post:
    From: Oscar Bianco (January 26, 2006)
    for details of what this is – and actual track listing!

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Yep: I remember I blogged about this back in January of this year.

  3. Balint says:

    I cant not to load down why?

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Balint: what happens when you hit the link? Remember, it’s rapidshare, that means they make you wait a minute or so before you get access to the file…

  5. Balint says:

    Computer says no. I use Flashget, but this Flash doesn’t want to get it. Everything goes all right (100 sec, etc etc), and when flashget comes, it shows a red cross (meaning “no, no”).

  6. Duncan says:

    Balint – it does tell you to turn off such things (unless you have paid for an account) before downloading can start.

  7. urbangraffito says:

    If this is the “bootleg” I think it is, the only time Zappa Meets Floyd is on the cover. Damn bootleggers…would sell their own mothers for a buck!

  8. bernard says:

    Ok, I’ll be playing the role of the ” egg head”.
    This is innovation, new music from ” way back in the old days”, ie days ( in the 60′s ) which were truly hopefull.
    New and genuine expectations did create new music.
    And now?
    Less bright futures, possibly new threats, etc..
    Where’s the new Music?

  9. ZarFT says:

    Where’s the new beer?

  10. Birdman! says:

    Bernard – I’ve been thinking about this a lot. “Way back in the old days” weren’t unadulterated hopefulness and bright futures. In America, there was Vietnam, Cold War, having to acknowledge that black people were human beings – all kinds of nightmarish cultural turmoil. All of those conditions exist now, except people also have 24 satellite TV, Playstation, and porno DVDs. Who needs revolution? Also, a vital ingredient is missing – the yeast in the water/barley malt/hops of life —
    there is nothing like LSD.
    Frank didn’t need it, but America needs “to go to Big Sur and take acid with someone who believes in God.”