11 thoughts on “You Are What You Dweez”

  1. Torture and More trouble in Montreal… I was there! (two or three rows behind the cameraman). What a shooooooow! See the ZPZ blog for October 24th to read what the musicians thought of that night.

  2. Chester’s Gorilla – Some guy reported a few days ago when he saw Zapap with his girlfrriends ian & anysley & mark & howie & jeff that his ticket costs was $3. He suggested fans not to see ZPZ for i his opinion $50 seats in 2006 money are too expensive. I replied about Rollign Stones Seats now being $500 and that Mick Taylor and Bill Wynman were not part of their shows. Let’s add the unfortunate fired and deceased founder of the Rollign Stones Brian Jones. And while we are on the topic of the unfortunate deceased why not add frank Sinatra. You know my mother used to see Frank Sinatra at teh paramount Theatre in Brooklyn for 50 Cents. Ironically ZPZ and The Stones both played at the same casino in Atlantic City New jersey last evening. More Rolling Stones Tickets sold a $500 eac including service fees than ZPZ tickets at $48 plus nominal service fees.
    Some people need to realize it’s 2006 and ZPZ is the best live entertainment available for ManZappakind.

  3. I watched the Vai solo from
    Trouble Every Day and it was (for me) a very emotional experience. Tears came to my eyes right after he held that high note for several bars and the band came back up behind him and he just chewed up the fucking scenery. DAMN!!!

    The Rolling Stones (whom I like alright) could NEVER do that to me. They just aren’t that great.

  4. Hey – I’m that “some guy” Chester’s Gorilla speaks so fondly about…I’m not telling anyone who to see or not to see…My comment was meant to state how much of a “deal” FZ’s shows were back in the early 70s when the Mothers hit every town and city from coast to coast (and that’s just North America), compared to the price one has to pay now for the currently staged “spectacles” (i.e. The Rolling Stones), making certain that everything is recorded and ready for next spring’s CD/DVD release. Ah, well, that’s what happens when the grey hair overtakes every other color, and you are left pining nostalgic for those days of yore when the music itself was enough of a draw. Perhaps ZPZ is worth the money, I don’t know. As I live in one of those dingy cities that ZPZ will most probably never set foot in, I’ll have to take your word for it. Funny thing, though, FZ did play my town…hmmmmm. Dweezil are you listening?

  5. scott – tears almost came to my eyes as well during vai’s solo from ‘trouble every day’ – tears of pain…never before have i heard a guitar become so much like a dentist’s drill…i thought i was having an aural root canal! man, was that video painful to watch…is it me, or does vai come across as something of a show-off? and what is it with all of those facial grimaces? does he practice them before the show? oh well, ho hum…there is always mike keneally!

  6. I for one have liked Vai’s strat abuse ever since he joined FZ in the 80s (who else could play only *four* notes and be recognised immediately, check out “Tell Me You Love Me” from the YCDTOSA series). However, some of his more statistically dense parts have made me yawn now and then. Looking at this video, i see that he has grown up a bit, meaning that he dares to play parts with less notes and more feeling.

  7. Hey, More Trouble Every Day with grimaces and
    BLUES scales, what’s happend with steve?
    No substitutes, thats what they stand for,
    but whats the surprise of the evening? What’s
    about new songs or new scales? Frank used to compose everysolo for this special evening and this spezial audience,Every Frank Zappa Concert was a experience, i found myself getting bored during this

  8. Idon’tlikeZPZ – I have to agree with you. I found myself yawning through most of these clips (except, that is, for the Black Page). Steve and Dweezil appear bored and their solos come off as uninspired. Alas, the medium is not always necessarily the message one expects.

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