Feeds, Spam & Hard Drives

  • The RSS feed for this site is now handled through FeedBurner. The transition should not be noticeable for you feed-readers out there though (which is actually what this entry’s testing).
  • With the upgrade to WordPress’s latest version, a new spam-filter has been installed which might cause a tiny delay when you hit the “post comment” button. When that happens, there’s no need to hit it again — just wait for the page to refresh. If your comment doesn’t appear at all it’s most probably been flagged and awaiting moderation.
  • Further testing of the POS intel iMac indicates the hard drive has indeed Bitten The Big One. Special thanks to KUR-reader and Mac-o-phile Scott Finney who’s been of great help over the weekend. His resolve to try and rescue at least some of the files has left us with one last straw to cling on to (more on that later, perhaps!)…

9 Responses to “Feeds, Spam & Hard Drives”

  1. Duncan says:

    What was the FeedBurner thing that popped up in FeedPopper this afternoon but then vanished a few minutes later?

    It is no compensation for you but….

    Only Five Hours and Twenty Minutes to Backup 900,000+ files.

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Never used FeedPopper — I use NetNewsWire exclusively. So Feedburner serves popups in FeedPopper? Why does this sound like an Abbot & Costello routine?

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    (congratulations on having made KUR comment number 9999 by the way, Duncan!)

  4. jim says:

    Sigh … When Horrible Crashes Happen To Wonderful People … my hearty condolences on yer recent PsyberTrauma – but hey, it’s lookin’ AOK.

  5. Rick Wood says:

    oh man, you got a lot of spam coming in … see “Hot Rats” album review

  6. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    All gone now Rick. The only comment-enabled section on KUR that is not driven by wordpress are the discography reviews — which is why that’s where the spam piles up…

  7. Andrew Keefe says:

    I, also, bought an iMac Intel in January. Just timed with the dying of an older imac.

    Well, it blew a logic card. I was siting riht infront of it and it cracked like an old TV and I could smell what can only be described as “burnt circuitry”. Big Bummer…

    I don’t find Apple very customer friendly in the “we’ll make it right” kind of way, which is a shame considering the loyalty factor of the users. Glad to report there was a 1 year guarantee on my (and any?) Apple equipment.

    It would have taken $800 US to get the pimply kid at the Apple store to drop another one in- but it was free of charge. Don’t know what your options are for claiming this (in Europe?), but there could be hope.

    As for the data, dude…. I know the feeling- but it has happened seldom in my professional and amateur Mac life. FYI.

    As well FYI, KUR is my home page. I love this blog, as I am in deep appreciation of Frank’s genius. As well, you do it well and provide TONS of info. Keep it up for the sake of the community!!!

    Chicago Zappateer

  8. Dr Sharleena says:

    Ya see?! It’s a conspiracy! An inside job from Apple to justify any kind of outrages! I saw the smoke in my iMac too: signs of a controlled demolition!! and the hole for the HD is too small; look like a missile to me! It was Dick Cheney, i tell ya! now, who are those guys with the dark sunglasses looking at me??! aing? help!

  9. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Andrew: we should start a self-help group!
    – “My name is Barry and my hard drive died on October 13.”
    – “Welcome Barry!”
    (applause, pats on the back, muffled sniffs)

    Thankfully though, the iMac is still under guarantee, like yours was. Of course, I suspect they’ll simply replace the old hard drive with a new one without attempting some data recovery… we have one last chance which is to start up from an external hard disk that has Disk Warrior and Tech Tools Pro installed. That external hard disk is now making its way to our door, courtesy of Scott Finney. We shall see…

    Dr Sharleena: time for your meds!

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