13 thoughts on “No Music Day”

  1. Tell me, who thinks up this crap besides the folks at Adbusters (and their ilk)? I plan to spend November 21st listening to Zappa on vinyl, then tape, then on computer, then on ipod, and then if I get bored, I’ll take out my sax and create my own private air sculpture of Sofa #1! Ich bin hier und du bist mein sofa! Only people can shit…music is the best!

  2. Bullshit! I’ll spend my day listening to Zappa and Jethro Tull!!!

    No music? Fucking guy must not be a Communist. :)

  3. I will spend the day protesting No Music Day by listening to shit-tons of music turned to 11 then playing a series of out of tune notes on my trombone.

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