Warrensville Heights

This week’s Friday Boot: Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention live at the Warrensville Heights Music Festival, OH, 10 August 1969 — with a couple of extra’s extras thrown in.

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  1. Bert van der Vecht says:

    Accordingly to some printed & internet matter, several sources claim following tracklist:

    in the sky
    transylvania boogie
    chunga’s revenge
    trouble every day
    let’s make the water turn black
    harry, you’re a beast
    oh no
    flute improvisation
    help, i’m a rock
    stone city(?)
    trouble every day (reprise)

    Presuambly the bonus tracks might come from the same show.

  2. mediocre says:

    I love this one…thanks guys!

  3. Bert van der Vecht says:

    Forgot to mention that Lowell George quit the band in may 1969. He confilicted with FZ after refusing to donate his song Willin’. He then founded Little Feat.

  4. jonnybutter says:

    Thanks as always for the boot. It still gives me a strange feeling to hear what I think of as a ‘Gregory Peccary’ theme this early; Frank and his spherical constant!

    BTW, don’t mean to be a dick, but ‘extras’ doesn’t need an apostrophe! Remember why the crux of the biscuit…

  5. Birdman! says:

    Interesting to hear that about “Willin'”. I’d read George say that Frank liked the song and thought George should start his own band , but did not read between the lines. Where did you read this?

  6. BillyDaMt says:

    I love the original (And extended) Mother’s lineup.

  7. jonnybutter says:

    I think the original story about Zappa and ‘Willin” makes more sense. I don’t see how that song would’ve fit into the original (or any) Mothers’ ‘set list’ (”N if you gimmie: weed, whites and wine/and you show me a sign/I’ll be willin’/to be movin’).

    Truck Driver Divorce, OTOH…

  8. Bert van der Vecht says:

    To Birdman & jonnybutter,
    Legend has it that George showed Frank Zappa his song Willin, and that Zappa fired him from The Mothers, because he felt that George was too talented to merely be a member of his band, and told him he ought to go away and form his own.
    That’s the common known legendary version. But on the official Lowell George & Little Feat sites you find the other.

  9. Frank B. says:

    Musik is the best!

  10. Ugly to see says:

    it tells something, (but not about that)

  11. Aqualung says:

    Thanks for this! Always love Early Mothers stuff!

    By the way, next time use less noise reduction (noticeably on the bonus tracks)! ;)

  12. xorg says:

    Barry! I’ve been trying to ‘drop a line’ but I keep getting a message telling me the “default email client is not properly installed.” Whatever – I wanted to tell you that on BBC Radio 4, 7 October 10.30 am, Germaine Greer is presenting her profile of FZ.

  13. xorg says:

    Here’s the link.

    “Germaine Greer presents a profile of Frank Zappa, the 70s icon of eccentric rock whose range of work included serious orchestral composition, film-making and social activism.

    The programme marks the 40th anniversary of his first album Freak Out. Contributors include Gail Zappa, son Dweezil and ace guitarist Steve Vai, family friend and author Peter Occhiogrosso and Chief Executive of the Britten Sinfonia, David Butcher.”

  14. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:


    Barry! I’ve been trying to ‘drop a line’ but I keep getting a message telling me the “default email client is not properly installed.

    Hmmm… you did send your email to killuglyradio [at] gmail [dot] com, did you?
    In any case, thanks for the link!

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