15 thoughts on “Trans Fusion”

  1. Man I hope this one will be available in stores! Say what you will about the Ryko releases, at least they were widely available. They sounded and looked fine to me anyways.
    Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!

  2. There’s one fishy thing–the title.
    It’s always been TRANCE-FUSION…..now it’s TRANS FUSION, the CE–>S and the hyphen has been dropped. I think I’ll hold my breath until 24 October.

  3. Plus no art work is a lil fishy too.
    You’d think if it was going to be available through CD Universe that the ZFT would have posted something on their site by now.

    We shall see.

  4. Wooaaahhuaaahhhuuu…. (though that “Trans” thing looks stupid). I wonder if it will be available in the far east here or not (No it won’t).

  5. The label is listed as Wea. Any one else heard of Wea? I haven’t. Why’s it not listed as Vaultmister or Barfko or something that Zappa records are normally released on? Very strange. Maybe it’s a bootleg.

  6. Hahaha, cd-universe made a typo indeed!
    Via Rob:

    The correct title for that CD should be “Trance-Fusion”. I will make a note to our tech department so we can have our site updated as soon as possible. I am unsure as to when the track listing will definately be available, but as soon as it is available we will list it on our site. Please feel free to email me if you need further assistance.
    Customer Service Rep

    Jessica, Jessica, Jessica… “definately”? Definitely!

  7. Whats this? Did Bob Stone remastered this? This would be a masterpice in soundquality, but
    I dont belive.

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