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  1. Very nice, fully produced and edited 1988 tour video of The Black Page.


    P L E A S E ?????????????


    It’s obviously a finished product.

    WHERE IS MY MOTHERFUCKING COPY???????????????????

    Sorry. I have tried to be supportive of the
    ZFT for years now. But seeing this video of The Black Page really pisses me off.

    Where the fuck is it?

  2. scott – i knew you’d eventually see the light.

    you remain a petulant fruitcake, but i’m proud of you.

    as for the ‘where is the video’ question…it is my personal belief that gail keeps all the choice footage hidden in a special vault located somewhere in her small intestine. you have to cram your head up her ass just to get a glimpse. immediate family members (and joe travers) are the only ones who have ever been up there, so you’ll have to ask one of them for confirmation on the specifics.

    joe – pull your head out of gail’s ass and tell us what else she’s got crammed up there!

  3. Thanks, B. for the video of “Easter Hay” ( in retrospect one – yes just one – of his great compositions.

    It Sounds – still with that hugue heavy & stubborn orchestra around – like a melodic excursion.

    My guess is that ultimately FZ will end up like that other musical phenomenon called Thelonious Monk did.
    There will be various compilations albums available : 1. the Composer, 2. the Arranger, 3. the Comic, 4. the Innovator, 5.:etc….
    Result : nothing but great records.

  4. Oh come on Scott … it’s lovely, but not a finished product. There is not a moment on The Black Page where I can hear Scott Thunes’ bass part. The camera angles are professional, but there is serious mixing work to do before you could call this finished.

    Hope the ZFT finds the time/money/intelligence to do so though…

  5. Dear Jeroen,

    So you are saying that this was a bootleg video shoot? Someone snuck in with several video cameras (at least one on a crane) and shot it, brought a switcher and edited it on the fly? I don’t think it’s likely.

    Whatever happened here was with Frank’s consent, or done by Frank himself at some level.

    YouTube audio sucks. Just because you can’t hear the bass on YouTube does not mean it’s not audible on the full quality video.

    I have no idea where this video comes from, but to say that it’s not finished because you can’t hear the bass doesn’t seem right.
    No hard feelings, dude.

    What do I know about video, anyway.
    It’s just one of my jobs.

  6. Scott,

    The concert registration is obviously professional. That is not my point.
    What I doubted was if the audio quality was ‘finished product’. If the source was a professional live registration in Spain that got taped, then probably all audio is theoretically available.
    But it sounds (on you tube) like the instantaneous mixing of a live event. Drums weird, no bass. I just thought it probably needed some cleaning up before you call it finished and start selling the stuff.

    If video is one of your jobs, I vote for you joining Joe in the Vault. We need all the hands we can get!!

  7. this was shot by and broadcast on Spanish TV 5/17/88… if gail wanted to release it she’d have to pay for the rights… and since there’s *plenty* of stuff in the Vault she doesn’t have to pay anyone for, that’s unlikely to happen.

    same as with “the rage and the fury” — legal wranglings will probably keep me from living long enough to ever get to hear that… :-(

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