Teaspoon Slide Guitar

“Tapping” is a guitar technique. What about“spooning”???

3 Responses to “Teaspoon Slide Guitar”

  1. tombo says:

    It does sound fantastic but I have to admit it also looks rather daft ;) Imagine the old dweez playing like that… hehe..

  2. xorg says:

    What does he do for an encore?

  3. bernard says:

    Sorry: it is perfectly possible to make use of an awful lot of devices to play the electric guitar.
    You can drop sand on it, you can “treat” the guitar with chains, indeed spoons, ropes, cans, pearl chains, glass, wood, etc. You just visit the flea market, buy some stuff and drop it on the electric guitar. All treatments produce a different sound. See : Fred Frith ‘s electric guitar solo adventures, he just pays electric guitar solos for 2,5 hours, never boring. Derek Bailey ( UK ) introduced those innnovative methods.

    Links :


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