Zappa On The Mike Douglas Show

Frank Zappa on The Mike Douglas Show, November 1976! When Frank comes on, you can see him think “oh great, I’m gonna have to shake hands with these bozo’s”, heheh.

(YouTube link. Via, of all places, a comment on my myspace profile.)

Update: Balint found part two of the show.

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  1. Balint says:

    Really nice! Thanks! Who’s the band? The tape? Or a lve band? I didn’t have time to listen too carefully to that. Rushing to see Dweezil within 2 hours…

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Judging from the cue he gives around the end of the tune, he’s playing with the show’s regular band. Not sure though.

  3. Duncan says:

    It is on Apocrypha (which we do not seem to have on the Wiki yet ) and is one of those tracks that I always makes me stop and listen whenever it pops up on my shuffle. I never realised it was not a regular Zappa band backing him.

  4. scott says:

    There seems to be a real PLETHORA of Zappa video and audio poppin’ up on the net these days!

    Hey!!! ABONDANZA!!!!

  5. xorg says:


  6. mediocre says:

    Lovely stuff

    Hey, I see you have enabled CoComment on here too. Noice!

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    CoComment? Eh? Wussat?

  8. mediocre says:

    It’s working anyway…prolly the blogtool you’re using.

  9. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Ah! Had no idea, thanks for the link…

  10. Balint says:

    Ah!! Here’s the second part!

  11. SOFA says:

    I saw that when it aired – not because Frank was on (which was a pleasant surprise) but because I used to watch the Mike Douglas Show… And his band was very tight – much like Paul Schaffer & Co. on Letterman.

    **Funny things you notice when it’s late, and you’ve been chugging Merlot:
    Didja notice the background scenery when FZ played? I thought it was the famous moustache until the camera panned back and I noticed it was the E of Mike’s name sideways.
    My first reaction: Ooooh, Gail’s gonna sue…

  12. jmcp says:

    Isn’t there another part where Mike asks about Dweezil and his name specifically, and if the name affected him? Frank said “Dweezil wouldn’t take any caacaa from you.”
    Or is that another show from the same period? Fond memory for me

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