Toronto ’69 (2)

Mornin’! It’s time for Toronto May ’69, Late Show, with thanks as always to Our Man In France.

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  1. jonnybutter says:

    Thanks Gilles and Barry, as usual.
    I guess I’ve heard it before (?), but it is interesting to hear the Gregory Peckery theme this early (on ‘Some Ballet Music’). When Zappa said he views time as a ‘spherical constant’ he wasn’t whistlin’ Dixie…

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Just a small update: Gilles has informed me that the last two tracks do not belong to the Rockpile gig, and that he has no idea how they got added to the boot or which other boot they belong to — I have updated the page accordingly…

  3. punknaynowned says:

    according to the folks over at zappateers these two tracks are from the 23may69 Appleton, WI show, here:

  4. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Thanks for the info punknaynowned! I’ve updated the page. Again. :)

  5. Bob's Daily Quote says:

    I saw MOI several times in and around Chicago/Wisconsin in 1969. If only I had a calendar marked with the dates of those shows!
    Anyway, looking at the gig list from that time has these guys scattered all over the place during that year. I believe they were traveling by bus. If, indeed, the Toronto/Appleton gigs were only a day apart, that is is a hell of a road trip between gigs.
    What a drag! Touring can make you crazy!

  6. mcnastie says:

    interesting, i was wondering about the extra 2 tracks after i took a gander at the gig list. funny coincidence – i just scored a cdr of the appleton gig this week! i’ll have to check for the respective merits of my mix vs. gilles’ mp3s. btw, frenchman – thanks for the boots! i need to get on the tape trader list…

  7. Bert says:

    Am I correct to say that May 24, 1969 was the last performence of Lowell George with The MOI???

  8. Bert says:

    For Appleton this should be the correct setlist:
    1-Some Ballet Music (always incl. some Greggary Peccary)
    2-Uncle Meat
    3-Eye Of Agamotto
    4-My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama
    5-Gas-Mask Variations
    6-Clap & Vomit (audience participation)
    7-The Jelly
    8-Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
    (always incl. Teddy Bears’ Picnic, Tea For Two, It Had To Be You, Octandre)
    9-Hungry Freaks Daddy
    10-Return Of The Son Of The Hunchback Duke (= Little House I Used To Live In)
    11-Aybe Sea
    12-Transylvania Boogie
    13-Help I’m A Rock
    14-King Kong
    15-Igor’s Boogie
    16-Little Doo-Wop

  9. mcnastie says:

    i compared the 2 extra appleton tracks from this week’s mp3s with my appleton boot, which i just copied from a friend. the mp3s sound better, which leads me to request, nay, DEMAND the rest of the appleton show. c’mon, you can’t just tease us with the last 2 tracks! btw, i noticed that the last 10 or 15 seconds fade out on gilles’ version…the ‘goodnight boys and girls’ part. just figured i’d mention that the very end was missing.

  10. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    When comes back, Balint may be able to help you out… ;)

  11. bernard says:

    Youngsters behaving like people , working full time for the Archives: I have my doubts.

  12. mcnastie says:

    damn, i’m only a year late…hey barry’s i.p., thanks for the heads up! who is this balint gentleman? i’ve only been doing this downloading thing for a few weeks now. i lament all the fantastic shows i’ve missed since this wonderful public service came to exist…balint, where are you? HELP ME OUT!

  13. Taz says:

    Thanks for the TOronto 69 last show and the bonus tracks from the Appleton gig…i had on my hands the 69´s Appleton show but i lent it and lost it…