19 thoughts on “Zürich ’79 (2)”

  1. Refreshed with fine Turkish Coffee here in the UAE……..and I’m Keeping It Greasy too

    Thanks BIP the best as usual!

  2. It seems to me that “Treacherous Cretins” in bootlegas goes with odd time-signature, while on the Shut Up album it’s more ‘simple’ (maybe 4/4), and this page also suggests that Cuccurullo’s line was overdubbed. Or am I wrong?

  3. Hadn’t noticed, but you’re right; this version is 11/8 (4+4+3), and the one on “Shut Up…” is 4/4. The liner notes indicate that guitar solos are “Ampex Guitar”/Xenochronous overdubbage.

    It will be interesting to listen closely to the “Shut Up…” version (which I haven’t done just yet) to listen for hemiola induced statistically Improbable musical phrases.

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