Frank Is Back

Our friend Evaristo sent me a couple of links that you may find interesting:
Frank Is Back: a mail-art project with a Zappa flavor to it, and
– if you ever wondered where the phrase ““Eddie Are You Kidding?” came from, well it was Edward Nalbandian, who died recently, that coined the phrase for his men’s clothing store TV commercials.

7 Responses to “Frank Is Back”

  1. SOFA says:

    Yesterday, I full well intended to send in the news that Don Knotts had passed (scroll down after the ‘Eddie’ obit). But I couldn’t figure a way to tie that in with FZ. This post did it for me.
    And, no friends, I am not kidding…

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Yeah, I’d seen the news of his demise all over — didn’t/don’t really know him though. Don’t think the comedy-shows he played in ever aired here in Belgium (or maybe I’m too young to know)…

  3. Mario Fuente says:

    Ya gotta love this—they actually quote “Eddie, Are You Kidding?” in this obit from the LA Times:,0,5362716.story?coll=la-home-obituaries

  4. SOFA says:

    Probably a little before your time, Bro…
    I watched the Andy Griffith show religiously as a child.
    There’s a movie out there: “The Ghost & Mr. Chicken” – that is much worth the rental, if you can find it. I still quote from that flick 40 years later.

  5. pachuco says:

    Can someone translate that art website into english?

  6. Balint says:

    Try this translator.

  7. Balint says:

    …or read every second line – those are in english. :-)

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