Blue Balls

Also: lots of little blue balls that move around.

3 Responses to “Blue Balls”

  1. bernard says:

    I’m not a native tongue.

    However I was told that one of tricks ( in english ) to make somebody ridiculous, is to add balls to his / her family name.

    Thus :

    Bushballs, Zappaballs, abbabals, tuyttensballs, verfaillieballs, you name it.


  2. Birdman! says:

    I like the double-barrelled approach:

    Dickballs Cheneyballs

    Condiballsleeza RiceBalls

    Georgeballs W Bushballs

  3. bernard says:

    Funny : I learnt this from mr. Ed Balls. Former Fin. Times journalist, now the sherpa ( head of the private office) of UK Chancellor of The Exchequer ( OK : means Finance Minister) UK.

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