Würzburg ’88 (2)

I know it lacks any sense of logic, but having presented you with Würzburg ’88 Part One last week, we now give you Part Two of the same concert. “That Barry,” people often say, “he’s such an eccentric!”

3 Responses to “Würzburg ’88 (2)”

  1. Birdman! says:

    Great show, great band, great recording, but I think things could have really gone into the stratosphere if they’d performed “Ring of Fire” at least three more times that night. Where is the Devo “Ring of Fire” and reggae “Ring of Fire”?
    U2 did “Satellite of Love” with Lou Reed, and supposedly Lou was present through satellite technology. Could Sting have sung “Ring of Fire” with Frank via satellite? Or telephone, a la Beefheart on “The Blimp”?
    Again, this is a great, folklorically significant show. I’m not complaining, I’m only daring to dream.

  2. Frunobulax says:

    Part II of a great ’88 show! Thank you so much! Ring Of Fire could’ve been done more, but would it be improved upon or get old?

  3. George says:

    Great Show !
    I’m Having a hard time downloading “Love of my life” and “Ring of fire”(21)