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Sofanic Messages in Frank Zappa’s Music

And well, we DO know what a sofa needs… To be sped up, or slowed down. Or played backwards.
(From United Mutations)

Stanford ’80 (2)

Presenting the last boot of the year as well as the last boot I post from some South-American cyber-cafe — promise: Stanford ’80, Pt. Two. Have a great New Year’s Eve, and see you on the other side!

Watermelon In Easter Hay?

He (FZ) did does and will not want anyone to play Watermelon In Easter Hay, Zoot Allures or Black Napkins – other than Dweezil.

This is from, and – well, this may or may not be true, but it seems a bit unlikely to me. Shows FZ to be quite a sentimental guy – which he was not. And the funny thing is, that Ensemble Ambrosius already recorded Zoot Allures – with the permission of ZTF…
Anyway, what’s wrong with playing a tune? Playing it nicely? Just take a chance and listen to Zomy Woof’s Watermelon In Easter Hay. Beautiful. I don’t think anything should be done against it. Agains MUSIC.

Zappa Portraits

Zappa as a clown – Hand-printed by the artist on acid-free paper. $300.00 The Alcorn Studio & Gallery. (Here’s the black&white version).
And another one “notice the sacred heart of Zappa – a lemon with barbed wire.”
Wow. Well, much better than these.

Best of Klassik 2004

Well, not a very fresh thing to post it here, but interesting: Zappa among the classical composers, like Ligeti, Bach, Strauss, Brahms, Purcell
It’s a pity they choose Peaches from EM (not my favorite) – I thinnk Outrage at Valdez, the beautiful Amnerika or something like that would have been better.


…is beautiful! Just enter the site and look around!

Stanford ’80 (1)

Hey guys, feliz navidad! Sorry for the lack of updates. I promise regular programming shall resume in 10 days or so… Friday morning I managed to put up the latest boot but was unable to post the message here (obscure internet place in Brazil kept me from logging in, I have no idea why really). Back in Buenos Aires now, where internet connections seem to be a bit smoother. In the mean time, how’s yer bird? Discuss.


Well, since Barry crossed the border to Brazil, here’s a new release:

Petit Wazoo?...

Jeezis!.. This is what we’ve been waiting for? The Petit Wazoo????
Yes, friends. Just click on FZ’s head at www., and you’ll see.
You can order it here for 17 $. And:
“Liner notes by Steve Vai.”

Balalaika Nueva

The trio Balalaika Nueva “combine the works of Astor Piazzolla, Antonio Carlos Jobim and the fascinating arrangements of old Russian folk music.”
But now they play Peaches en Regalia.
(from United Mutations)

Zappa Plays Zappa

Steve is a special guest on the Zappa Plays Zappa Tour, and may not perform on all songs. Other special guests include Terry Bozzio and Napoleon Murphy Brock.

So they say

Camera Toss

Throw it up into the air!

Whatchamacallit (2)

Belgium! Music! Covers! Freaks! City! Of! Tiny! Lites!
There was a post earlier about their samples – here they are with a demo! Get it! Love it!

NYC 31/10/74 (2)

Today is the first day I overslept in a South-American country. With that interesting fact out of the way, here is, as promised, part two of NYC 31/10/74.
Oh, and we’ll be leaving for Brazil tomorrow, so don’t expect much updates from me in the mean time! :)

Joe’s XMASage

Wow… Barry steps out of the house, and a new release is announced:

Joe\'s XMASage


The Phlorescent Teach

Mark Volman teaches the faculty of Baptist-identified Belmont University.

Volman has also put his hard-partying days behind him. A committed Christian, he and his wife and business partner, Emily Ector-Volman, are active members of Harpeth Presbyterian Church, where they sing in the choir and work with the youth.