P/O On The Road

I’m horribly late with this but wanted to pass on the fact that Project/Object — arguably FZ’s most treasured and accomplished tribute act — are currently on a Fall tour in the US. Napoleon M. Brock and Ike Willis are present throughout, Ed Palermo will be playing a few dates, and Denny Walley will be performing with the band from Nov. 2 to 6. Although I have a couple of live recordings from their shows, I’ve never seen them live. So when’s the next European tour, guys?

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  1. Balint says:

    Sorry to say, but as I’ve been listenning to some of their stuff (from 2000) recently: they are terrible… The drum is not very good, the band is not rally together, Ike Willis is sometime out of tune (!), and they do not have any better singer. They are not at all well rehearsed, they do not sound good. Inca Roads? Zomby Woof?… Huhhh…
    Sorry, I did not have too much pleasant moments with them.

  2. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Depends on the show you have, I suppose. The one I have is 30/12/2000 at the 8×10 Club (aka “What’s New In Baltimore?”) and in my humble opinion, the entire band absolutely kicks ass on that one…

  3. Balint says:

    Well, I’ve checked: I’m talking about the very same show… They did not choose the simplest tunes, but anyway: they do not seem to me a really well-rehearsed band, sorry… Though I’ll check again. Great luck that there are some other cover bands, too – I always had fun while listenning to the Spanish compilations, by the way. “Zappa tributos”.

  4. Plooker says:

    I’ve seen them 4 or five times and did catch them a couple weeks ago. They have a new drummer since 2000 and he is very good. He really tears it up on “Packard Goose”. Unfortunately the fantastic guitar player that Barry heard on “What’s New” is not with them anymore. Anyhow, can’t complain about hearing some live Zappa music, even if they don’t rehearse full time for a month.

  5. Balint says:

    I’ve checked since last week some songs of Bogus Pomp and the Grand Mothers – I enjoyed them more. They might not be perfect, but was more fun to listen to. What disturbed be (surprisingly) the most is Ike Willis’ voice – I think.

  6. duckstab says:

    Just saw Project Object at the 8X10 in Baltimore on Oct. 28. 2005 and they were awesome. It was great having the opportunity to see Napoleon Murphy Brock, a true showman. One thing of interest was Andre’ Cholmondeley announced the release of the Roxy dvd but I have yet to see evidence of it. Any clues?

  7. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    Maybe P/O played the Roxy a couple of months ago? ;)

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