Alison Lapper Pregnant

“It is a work about courage, beauty and defiance, which both captures and represents all that is best about our great city. Alison Lapper pregnant is a modern heroine – strong, formidable and full of hope. It is a great work of art for London and for the world.”

Alison Lapper, a friend of Marc Quinn (the sculptor), was born with no arms and shortened legs due to a chromosomal condition called Phocomelia. Her mother rejected her and she was brought up in a care home. Now a recognized artist, she was awarded an MBE in 2003 and featured with her son in the BBC series Child of Our Time.

4 thoughts on “Alison Lapper Pregnant”

  1. I was in Trafalgar Square on Saturday and looked at this statue. It’s quite good; well executed and conveys humanity. But I can understand why the more conservative elements in society would object to it because it is out of context in a setting which celebrates victory in warfare. The conjunction of disparate elements; separate realities meeting in the same plane and so forth. Anyone for Dada?

  2. Its interesting to notice the tiny little connections (answers?) of the statue with its surrounding: all the existins statues are man – she is a woman; all are dressed – she is naked; all the others are (were) healthy – she is disabled. Admiral Nelson (Nelson’s column) had only one hand – she has none. But: all of them are dead – she’s alive…

    In spite of this “oppositions” I do not think this statue to be offensive at all…

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