Critical Mass

Yesterday it was a day of Critical Mass here in Budapest. This town was not really (=really not) designed for bicycle use, so the organisers wished to show the existence of this mass – the ones who want to ride a bicycle. Violá: more than 20.000 (!!!) people came! Okay, you won’t be able to read this article, but clicking on a picture you’ll be able to see it!
The name “Critical Mass” comes from a documentary called Return of the Scorcher made by Ted White in 1992. In a scene George Bliss is examining a typical chinese situation, where some people riding the bicycle just can’t cross the road because of the heavy traffic. While waiting more and more bicyclist come and when they reach a “critical” number they can finally cross safely – together.

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  1. We have a similar event happening each year in Brussels called “De Gordel” (“The Belt”). Of course Belgium being Belgium, it’s not so much about giving the streets to byciclists; rather it’s a communitary statement by Flemish citizens to emphasize the “Flemish character” of Brussels and its suburbs. Time and again, some frustrated french-speaking Bruxellois will go and throw nails on some of the roads of the trajectory — great fun!

  2. oh my!
    how jealous I am!

    that’s ABSOLUTELY impossible in you can get your bike either hit by a car or stolen (no matter the critical mass)

  3. Hi Joy – (what is
    Well here all this happened because there is NO concept for using bicycle in the town. And there are some civil organisations who think this can be important – and its really great to see that “mass” that came to this event. After a few years of fighting, these organisations are now (finally) invited to make comments on the new bicycle roads and all the other stuff in connection with bicyles.
    There are quite a few civil organisations here, but the Leaders dont really care about them. It takes time to start a communication. And all they (we, inhabitants) want is a normal, “liveable” town.
    Mediocre: unfortunately I had a meeting that time, coudn’t go, but I saw it (lot of friends were there). Anyway, I was riding bicycle all this and last summer (although there was a tiny change: my firs bike was stolen…) :-)

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