The Golden Ticket

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I entered my email at in hopes of getting an invite for a free WP-powered weblog. Lo and behold: today I received The Golden Ticket meaning that now I’ve yet another webpage to fill up with content! You’re sitting there thinking: “why should I give a fuck?” — well: works by invites only. And I just happen to have one. So if any of you out there fancy the idea of having your own weblog for free, drop a note in the comments. The account comes with all the goodies WordPress has to offer right out of the box. You’ll never hear vloerbedekking Blogger again! Any takers?

Update: Houdini has the golden ticket.

Oh, and I have about a 100 Gmail accounts to give away as well.

5 thoughts on “The Golden Ticket”

  1. I’d go for it. The WordPress fingy, not the gmail accounts, though. Got zillions of them, too.

    Will be thinking of a nice project to put up there. And kill one of the running ones for it, I presume.

    I’d throw in a picture book of the Thing-Fish Stage Performance in London, August 2003. Hand made and especially for you.

    Let’s see who wants to beat that one.

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