12 thoughts on “Zappaesk”

  1. Hallo, all you Zappa fans!

    I’ve read about your problems with the german language. I am lucky to be a german but I have to tell you that the bigger problem in understanding the book is in the appendix which are nearly fourty pages. The bigger part is the comic part which includes almost 200 pages. And in fact you can ‘read’ the pictures. Sometimes your own Zappa collection will be a big help reading the comic. Actually it doesn’t matter if the comic is in german or english. It remains ‘bizarre’ and ‘astounding’. And another sad but true fact is: ‘Whenever it’s heavy business, the good lord talks in the german language’ (Frank Zappa said himself – ‘YCDTOSA Vol.1, Disc 1, Track 1&2).

  2. Hallo, Das Mann aus Utopia!
    Schade in Ungarn ist nicht viel comics – das ist leider nicht mödlich. Es ist möglich das diesen buch wurde nicht überzätzen worden nie…

    Oh, I wish I could write a sentence with “ungefähr” in it…

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