If It’s Friday This Must Be Fréjus

Signs that you need to step away from your computer: you have feverish dreams riddled with double square brackets, featuring a sinister looking librarian who chases you around with a huge encyclopaedia whilst singing the Alphabet Song. Whereupon you oversleep, come in late for work, overdose on cafeine — and post Fréjus, May 29 ’82.

6 thoughts on “If It’s Friday This Must Be Fréjus”

  1. LOL…I’ve done that OD by caffeine myself once or twice.

    By the way..love the Friday boots…my collection has expanded in leaps and bounds since I discovered this site.
    Thanks a million!!

  2. This is truly great, man.

    You know : it simply doesn’ t matter having it put available some time ago. You just keep doing it – against the background of generations changing / taking it over each 4-5 years.

    Result? Everybody is enabled to hear it.

  3. It’s good to have something from the early eighties. Besides re-issues of same shows, there’s not much public in good quality from that time.
    It’s also a period that a lot of youngsters are interested in. Particular kids who are into Porcupine Tree, Opeth and so on. I met a lot of these guys & gals since I promised one of them to visit Paradiso with them to hear mentioned bands. One of them suggested a top 20 of songs to get familiar with FZ’s music. Perhaps something for Kill Ugly Radio????

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