11 thoughts on “Friday Moot”

  1. Hey, I was just listenning to that yesterday! – By the way: “how do you go about managing the various boots you download here and there?” :-)

  2. Due to time lack you requetsed response on failures. So here’s one.
    When clicking on “now available” there’s no Frejus, but a statement that Fox Theatre 1977 is off line.

  3. Bert: before I make it available for a week, I want to know if anyone’s actually interested. So far there’s 1 yes-vote and 2 that already have it. So I think I’m going to write Gilles a nice little letter asking if he’s got something more appropriate up his sleeve. Stay tooned! :)

  4. hello
    As a frenchman I will of course be delighted to hear that Fréjus concert, which I don’t know entirely. But if a majority wants something else it’s OK. Or shall we imagine that it can be presented as a bonus with others Friday boots (for instance three or four tracks each week) in order to satisfy everybody.

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