From Kansas!

It’s Friday ladies & gentlemen, and that can only mean we have another nifty tuff ‘n bitchin’ show lined up for you: Kansas City, Nov 11 ’77 — have at it.

6 Responses to “From Kansas!”

  1. mediocre says:


    Only halfway through listening but…I like the Pound for a Brown version. City of tiny lights is kinda short, though.

  2. Balint says:

    Thank You! I like you, I want to kiss you always.

  3. Barry's Imaginary Publisher says:

    * runs away, screaming *

  4. mediocre says:

    Look! Look at the pecker on Balint, would you? ;^D

  5. gazole says:

    Not to nitpick, but KC is in Missouri, see…

  6. jonnybutter says:

    well, KC is in Missouri AND Kansas. Whooooo could imagine…

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