Toalla Para El Culo

Tomorrow morning we’ll be picking up some Argentine friends at the airport. With the Argentine bidet obsession in mind, I have created the following informational graphic:

Toalla Para El Culo

7 Responses to “Toalla Para El Culo”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    “Toalla” means “towel”, just in case. Well i think it’s an instructive, very clear sign the way they were the instructional signs SOFA took in Japan some time ago. Order in the room!

  2. guac says:

    Does “toalla” really mean towel or does it mean toilet paper ?
    If it does mean “towel” then I hope you’ve got a plentiful supply ofthese.

  3. Jime says:

    todo aquel que haya usado un bidet en algun momento de su vida, no ha podido olvidarlo

    es un camino de ida, sin retorno

  4. Joy says:

    I totally agree with guac on that “toalla” should mean “toilete paper” since I can’t even stand thinking on wiping mi ass out with a piece of log that can be easily confused with.. I dunno, a towel for the face (nice makeup bud!).

    and about the arse-face towel, how in the name of hell you keep the two parts separated from each other!??!

  5. Joy says:

    where it says “wiping my ass out” should say “wipe my ass up”. I don’t even think about annihilating my ass with a piece of fabric.

    and where it says “piece of log” should read “piece of rag”, of course.

    (shakespeare, please save me!!)

  6. Dr Sharleena says:

    Actually, where it says “wipe my ass up”, it should say “wipe my ass off”. Otherwise the rest of the world will think that we Argentineans wipe our asses off with incredible contortions (coming to think about it, maybe that’s true! oh… forgeddaboutit)

  7. Joy says:

    dank je mooi dr. sharleena!!
    what would I do without your expertise in a matter such as ass wiping? ;)

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