Starting a new HotPoop campaign

Some time ago, I’ve found an interesting English blog from two newyorkers crazy enough to live in Buenos Aires. This post clearly shows what could be any usual day down here…because the majority of the houses has a bidet and it use is widely spread. Doesn’t seems to be the same in America, although I wouldn’t be replacing the bidet with toilet water (yuk!)
Bidets may be good for your Hemorrhoids too. Think about it!

12 Responses to “Starting a new HotPoop campaign”

  1. Testy The Testerd says:

    *talk button*
    Ah-ha! So this is what you guys have been discussing for about 1 hour and a half this morning! You blocked the IM with your rantings!

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    Testy: That was a private (I mean a PRIVATE) brainstorming –or better said, ass-storming- reunion. You weren’t allowed to witness that. Next time you’ll be demoted to the KUR Celine Dion division. Don’t do that again, ok?!

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    Oh, and, btw, Testy, I’ve been told about this: during my absence, you haven’t made your Kegelmaster exercises properly. You just PRETENDED you did them, but who you think you are fooling?? Everybody around knows the truth. You know, I am the doctor here. I want you to have the best vaginal muscles in the office, just like Charles Atlas did in the fifties.
    Look at Sofa, he used his kegel in one of his nostrils and now he has the best muscular nasal appendix in all Michigan. C’mon!

  4. Testy The Testerd says:

    *talk button*
    harrumph..! i won’t use that thingy NO WAY!! mmhgrrrrr…

  5. Dr Sharleena says:

    Ok, let’s discuss this offline, in the kitchen please. No muffins for you today, and I’ll turn off that fuel cell tv set if you continue with that behaviour! I’m talking to you loud and clear!

  6. Testy The Testerd says:

    *talk button*

  7. Dr Sharleena says:

    Barry please: remind me to order 546 Portable Body Bidets for the personnel here. Everybody should have one in their desks in this office!

  8. Dr Sharleena says:

    Yes, you too, Testy..!

  9. dmt says:

    I recall my senior class trip to Rimini. Being the ignorant Americans we were, the bidets in our hotel rooms were used as cool storage for the beer. The nice part was opening a fresh brew while on the pot.

    I’ve been using my Kegelmaster to train my jaw muscles. I now can chew through steel cable and am working my way up. Dr. Sharl, the Kegelmaster can also open up new career opportunities. Pretty soon I’ll be renting myself out to rock quarries and scrap metal yards!

  10. Barry says:

    It is true: following a bizarre StreamOfConsciousness type conversation on IM, Dr Sharl and myself landed on the topic of bidets. I was amazed to find that the bidet is of such utmost importance in South-America. Unlike what the writer suggests in one of the links, the bidet is not all that widely spread in Europe though. Here in Belgium, we know of its existence, but I don’t think it’s being used often – at least not the way it’s supposed to be used. As a kid for instance, I would often use the bidet to soak my feet in after a game of soccer. dmt’s use for the bidet opens up new perspectives as well ;-)

  11. Barry says:

    Oh and erh, there will be no enforced usage of the bidet here at KUR offices! I for one am all for freedom of choice with regard to how one cleans ones own ass.

  12. ian says:

    bloody hell! why doesn’t Mr Kurt Johmann just change his pants more frequently – I’m only talking about every day here; hardly excessive is it?
    As for washing his ass with water from the toilet bowl!!
    Maybe Dr Sharleena should mail him one of her reinforced kegelmasters so that he can tighten up his anal sphincter to avoid such leakage if he’s incapable of even wiping his ass properly.

    On the subject of bathroom furnishings I recall being in the Netherlands a few years back and noticing their interesting toilet designs which involved a little platform in the bowl of the toilet onto which the evacuee would defecate. This, I was told, was because the Dutch have a preoccupation with their bowel movements and like to inspect each and every product – some sort of rigorous quality control………………………..singalong now folks!……..a little brown rosetta……….

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