And Now For Some Oedipus

I took The Freud Quiz: “13/20. You passed, but not by much.” Yet another trauma I’ll have to live with.

3 Responses to “And Now For Some Oedipus”

  1. guac says:

    13/20 too ( not a great fan of his, so many were guesses ) – Sometimes a cigar is just a………………………cause of death.

  2. Dr Sharleena says:

    7/20 myself. Pretty revealing, also of my own ignorance. Glad you quit the Marlboro’s right on time!

  3. SOFA says:

    15 of 20…
    I’d tell you the ones I missed, but I’m too busy repressing them at the moment.
    (And I knew the one about his children, yet still got it wrong!)

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