Loeb & the Dweez

Was Dweezil a weasel? Loeb’s new CD all about her former love: “the lyrics tell the tale of all stages of her relationship from good to bad to single and OK with it. The songs are personal, but not Fiona Apple-esque — raw and painful. ” (Note #1– can someone tell me what ‘Fiona Apple-esque’ stands for? Note #2– yes: absolutely nothing is happening, so I link to this kind of story. Sad, I know.)

4 Responses to “Loeb & the Dweez”

  1. SOFA says:

    Maybe I can help out here…
    Fiona Apple-esque = annoying.

  2. xorg says:

    A new example for the rock critic cliches!

  3. Bob Again says:

    It’s touching to know the folks in Montana (soon) care so much for Dweez and ex-Squeez…lube on the floss we got…

  4. rango von bondi says:

    hey, i’m a rock critic xorg. does that make me
    ***** indispensible
    **** excellent
    *** good
    ** undistinguished
    * tragic

    and as for fiona, well. ashe’s a marked improvement on allanus.

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