Indian of the Tribute Group

Yesterday Cosmik Debris gave a really nice show here in Budapest. Special guest (3rd time here) Mr. Jimmy Carl Black – it was fun. See the pictures of the show – and check out this band, if you can – they’re gooooood!!!! You’ll always find news about them here (and later stuff to download).

Heavy Duty Judy (heavy brass section!!!)


Inca Roads

Zomby Woof

Whipping Post

Easy Meat

Cosmik Debris

Dancin Fool


With JCB:

Big Leg Emma

Road Ladies

Poofter’s Froth Wyoming…

Trouble Every Day

Take Your Clothes Off

+ Willie The Pimp (slow reggae version, fine!)

2 thoughts on “Indian of the Tribute Group”

  1. a Belgian Zappa Association??

    Isn’t that a bit too B.iZ.A.rre? And besides, where would you find the time…

    Nice one, Balint. I saw the band at Zappanale once. They really rocked.

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