Frank Zappa: The Classic Interviews

From UK based Chrome Dreams comes a new FZ-release: The Classic Interviews. It comprises, guess what, interviews that Zappa did with Guitar Magazine’s Stephen Rosen. As the tapes were not meant for commercial reproduction (they only served for Rosen to write his articles – you can hear a woosh…woosh as the taperecorder rolls), the sound quality leaves, shall we say, something to be desired. But who cares! It’s great to actually hear Frank speak in that low, slightly smug, curmudgeonly voice of his, talking about xenochrony, flangers, fuzz, Oberheim small amps, Mod-o-fied Les Pauls, dbx compressors and the like, throwing around some of the quotes that have since started a life of their own (“the hardest thing for me to do is play straight up and down…”). The CD is accompanied by a 16 page booklet with some rare FZ photos and a peculiar foreword written by Rosen. In all, if you’re a Zappa-fan, you’ll need this one in your collection…

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  1. Hm, that’s really a kind of great postumus-release. Or it really souunds to be. But I coudnt find info on Chrome Dreams page – where can I get some mooore details?

  2. From the press release:


    Frank Zappa was a true legend. Hailed by his multitude of fans as a genius, between his debut record with The Mothers Of Invention in 1965 and his untimely death in 1993, he recorded over 50 albums.

    But besides his enormous talent for all things musical, Zappa was a visionary, a philosopher and a raconteur.

    On this CD, interviews that Frank Zappa gave to Guitar Magazine journalist Stephen Rosen between 1978 and 1982 are recreated, with Frank waxing lyrical on topics as diverse as his home studio, his children, Ronald Reagan and Jewish princesses.

    Proving that Frank was one of rock music’s few real intellectuals with the sharpest mind in showbusiness, these fascinating recordings also capture a man – who normally despised the rock press – in upbeat mood, openly discussing his life, his music and his country.

    Release Date: 28th June 2004

    Available at all major retail outlets.
    RRP: £7.99

    For further information please contact Melanie at Chrome Dreams:
    Telephone: 020 87159781
    Fax: 020 8241 1426

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