New CD out now?!?!…


Slime was the first to notice this – and it seems to be real: new FZ album out, compiled by Joe Travers, called Joe’s Corsage… No details (it’s something from around ’66), no tracklist… What the hell can it be?…

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  1. Barry says:

    Wow that looks cool…

  2. Dr Sharleena says:


  3. Barry says:


  4. Barry says:

    (of course, “MORE” is a relative concept, as with anything the ZFT announces…)

  5. Bálint says:

    Really! I didn’ think of clicking the flower…

    I’ll copy here the tracklist:

    Motherly Love

    Plastic People

    Anyway The Wind Blows

    I Ain’t Got No Heart

    „the phone call”

    My Babe

    Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy

    Hitch Hike

    I’m so Happy I could Cry

    Go Cry On Somebody…

    How Could I be…

  6. Nigey says:

    Best not to get too enthusiastic just yet. Knowing the ZFT’s past tricks, this CD might contain previously released material and/or (probably sonically inferior versions of) tracks that have been available as bootlegs for aeons…the latter is all too likely.

  7. xorg says:

    The ZFT kind of sneaked this out didn’t they? I wonder why? Surely there’s some better stuff sitting there in the vaults. Errm, who is Joe Travers anyway?

  8. Bob Again says:

    Uh oh. “Who is Joe Travers?” I am going to exercise uncharacteristic willpower and give it a break. Anyone else care to answer the xorgmeister?

  9. Bob Again says:

    Further evidence “The Vault” is merely a fading myth? (Can I say that?) Please pass the chips…

  10. Anonymous says:

    i like the unannouced release approach by gail…nobody to complain about delays, no deadlines missed…

    also, the low (12 bucks) price is another first, maybe get more people to give it a try…

    i doubt any of the material has been previously released, maybe similar stuff on the mystery disc…

    joe travers is the vaultmeister for zft’s vaulternative records….i think he’s the guy who best knows what’s what in the tape vault and can locate the tapes faster than anyone else…

    sonically inferior – not likely; gail always maintained that the quality of zappa releases must be excellent or it’s not worth releasing

  11. xorg says:

    I know Joe Travers is the so-called ‘vaultmeister’. But who is he and what are his qualifications for the job? I have a suspicion that Barry or Dr Sharleena might make a better go of it!

  12. Dr Sharleena says:

    Oh, yeah, sure, we handle first-hand info about Joe Travers here at KUR almost daily, and Bob is always the person in charge to answer the phone line (when he is not fixing his hairdo of course). I even know a guy who once wrote to Joe Travers! I’m convinced this definitely is gonna help to enlighten you about Joe’s qualifications indeed.

  13. Bálint says:

    Only once? Lazy person!!

  14. UniMuta says:

    Well,… I already ordered my copy.
    Everyone should…

  15. Nigey says:

    Whoever thinks the ZFT is committed to releasing superior recordings only needs to think back on some of their more recent gaffes, such as the curious inclusion of a poor-quality audience cassette recording to supplement the missing portion of “Kaiser Rolls” on the “Halloween” CD, and the recording and mixing quality in general on the “Halloween” CD (and some would say the performance as well…why the inclusion of all the rehearsal material, warts ‘n all?). If the ZFT was truly concerned about preserving FZ’s legacy, they would be diligently transferring all the analog tapes in the vault to more stable media before these irreplaceable recordings become “blank, empty space”. There is plenty of great material still in the vault, but it’s a safe bet nobody will ever hear it. Sigh…

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have never heard “Halloween”. I have, however, heard the FZ:OZ release and believe your comment refering to audience tape insert refers to FZ:OZ.

  17. Dr Sharleena says:

    Stop the presses! Never heard Halloween, Mistery Person? You’ll be able to verify Nigey’s sayings at the Chrome Dinette right now if you are willing and able. Halloween, and FZ:OZ as well as a different cd each month are on your thinking machine (to be listened online) in this very moment. Enjoy!

  18. Dr Sharleena says:

    For some reason the links i just posted are not working at present in “my” thinking machine (…Houston..?). Maybe there’s something good on tv right now? :-)
    Indeed, Kaiser Rolls belongs to OZ -which does not invalidate Nigey’s comments anyway. Don’t miss checking the Chrome Dinette later, i’m pretty sure you’ll be able to listen to Halloween there…

  19. Nigey says:

    Sorry, my brain slipped for a second there, happens all too often nowadays…”Kaiser Rolls” (with the fan-tape interpolation) appears on the OZ disc. The “Halloween” DVD, which was released last year, is the one with the dubious audio quality (and I do mean dubious, as in Dubya :)) and the inclusion of almost garage band-quality rehearsal material (giving a new twist to the term “Joe’s Garage”, or maybe it should have been “Dweezil’s Garage”). Apologies to all who may have been confused.

  20. bertanya says:

    The hotpoop records indicate – ‘A vaultmeister is a person who looks after the tape vaults and knows all the necessary information to document the contents. I preserve the tapes by transferring them to an updated format.’

    For more info see here

  21. Nigey says:

    In that case, he ought to get to work preserving all those rapidly deteriorating tapes. :)

  22. Bobo says:

    Hmm, we’re only in it for the money, aren’t we?

  23. xorg says:

    So that’s who Joe Travers is. The former substitute drummer for Duran Duran. I’m impressed.

  24. Bob Again says:

    Besides being an incredibly shallow guy, Joe has quite the eye for overweight women – but, giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe that’s just the DD fan base.

  25. Anonymous says:

    let me see your…If you pull his finger, does the corsage squirt?

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