6 thoughts on “Fine Arf”

  1. Impressive to you perhaps – the collection does not include the breed of dog which owns me, namely a Kerry Blue Terrier; it’s a sorta cross between the Airedale, the Wheaten Terrier and the Schnauzer ( I guess God fucked up, again ).
    What is it about the “Poodle – Fancy” that appeals Barry ? could it be that it’s the only one with a noticeable wiener ? I think we should be told.

  2. I noticed immediately about the wiener, could it be because it’s a “fancy” poodle, unlike the other, more prudish dogs? The only thing i can say to make Barry’s choice look as an accident is, we will never know enough about his skewed unconcho…

  3. Well I dunno about that Doctor Sharl; I think we know quite enough already about his skewed unconcho ! Is Poodle-Fancy with wiener available in red by any chance ?

  4. My skewed unconcho just told me it’s finding your discussion of its skewed nature quite amusing. Then it saw the mention of a red-colored Poodle-Fancy, and fainted. Could someone please hold some Imaginary Swiss Cheese under its nose? Thanks…

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