Let’s pretend for a minute that, by means of some incredibly cosmic karma, I had the opportunity to interview Gail Zappa. In my place, what questions would you ask her? (Gail-bashers: don’t bother commenting)

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  1. Montana Wildhack says:

    that’s no-one then

  2. jonnybutter says:

    Questions for Gail:

    1.) Where is the Varese album?!

    2.)Where is the Varese album?!

    3.)Where is the Varese album?!

    4.) Any political comments?

  3. Das Jesus Roach says:

    1) What projects are out on the horizon? 2) Last December marked the tenth year since Frank’s passing. How has [she] been coping with not just the hefty weight he left as a musician, but with the void left from losing [her] husband? 3) What does [she] think about the continual perpetution of Frank Zappa’s musical conception through tribute bands and european festivals?

  4. Hairfarmer says:

    Q: There was talk at one time of two different film biographies of Frank. One in the narative style and one in more of a documentary style, ala’ “Imagine”. What is the status of these projects?

  5. Bálint says:

    My questions: Doesn’t she plan to strength the connection between ZFT and the fans? I’m thinking of more correct infos, deadlines, plans, news. And specially: more intense presence on the web. FZ is relly living hre, on the net – I just dont understand why realizes it. They should be answering questions, be on the forums, etc…

  6. LCS says:

    I need a good job. Would you hire me?

  7. Diva says:

    Will you finally admit you are the one who got the Ragu on my cap?

  8. Isaac says:

    Why would she let some scumbag who is pro-censorship interview her?

  9. Isaac says:

    In fact, if she knew what you were doing, she’d hate you for trashing the memory of Frank Zappa with your stupid fan website that bans people for expressing their freedom of speech.

  10. Isaac says:

    Barry, you have a serious problem with your mental health. I suggest you leave the Constitution alone, and let the people on the forum actually express their minds, instead of being a hypocrite and banning people from the forum just because you don’t agree with them. What kind of asshole does that?

  11. Isaac says:

    “Censoring what you say is one of the ways in which people who are not nice can take away your personal freedom.”
    – Frank Zappa

    Barry, you have trashed the memory of Frank Zappa by building a pro-censorship website and plastered Zappa’s name all over it. You should be ashamed of yourself.
    If you don’t know by now the truth in what I’m telling you, than surely I have failed somehow, and Frank Zappa will think I’m a jerk – just like you, if you let this hypocrite named Barry make a monkey out of you
    I said, Frank Zappa will think you’re a jerk, and it will be true!

  12. Isaac says:

    I’m sorry, Barry, but this is it. You have disgraced the memory of Frank Zappa, you have defiled the U.S. Constitution and former regular visitors of your website have become disgusted with you.
    And why? Because of some petty fight with some dude who posted a picture to your weblog!
    Barry, you are a true scumbag asshole nazi.
    I think Zappa’s “humble curse” is appropriate here:
    May your shit come to life and kiss you.
    You defiently deserve it, you schmuck.
    This is supposed to be a tribute to Frank Zappa, not a tribute to Ronald Reagan.

  13. Isaac says:

    “The forum is the place where you get to speak your mind.”
    I’m sorry, but that is complete and utter bullshit.

  14. Isaac says:

    Barry, go fuck yourself with your computer.

  15. sofa says:

    (Sorry, Barry, but this is all too funny!)
    (Okay, I think I can get this out in between chuckles…)
    1) After Frank’s involvement with the whole PMRC mess, what prompted you befriend Tipper Gore?
    2) Is it legal entanglements that keep “future” vault releases perpetually in the future?
    3) If not, what IS keeping “future” vault releases perpetually in the future?
    4) Did you get Ragu on Diva’s cap?

  16. Barry says:

    * (Sorry, Barry, but this is all too funny!) *
    So it is! What better way to show what a deranged idiot our little Isaac is but to leave his comments here for all to see? Teehee. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go fuck myself with my computer! :-)

  17. Bob Again says:

    Gail, for or against the death penalty?

  18. Guac says:

    Did she ever read Bob Again’s Zappa Household Scenarios on the KUR Forums ?

    How does Richard Milhouse Nixon compare with George Dubya for being a lying, weasely, drug-addled asshole who shouldn’t be allowed to run a piss-up in a brewery let alone the most powerful
    (threatening ?) administration in the world ?

    Would she be willing to spank Isaac Baranoff on behalf of KURsters whilst watching you do the computer boogie ?

  19. sofa says:

    “Would she be willing to spank Isaac Baranoff on behalf of KURsters whilst watching you do the computer boogie ?”
    Saaay! I’d pre-order the tickets for that one!
    Mention it, she may like the idea…

  20. Barry says:

    Maybe she’d prefer not to watch me do the computer boogie. It can get nasty, as I’m sure you all know…

  21. Bob Again says:

    My advice, if I may offer, regarding the computer boogie would be to disconnect the power supply prior to the actual boogie act – otherwise it could get nasty, indeed.

  22. Gail (no not that Gail) says:

    I like to watch.

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