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Grey Tuesday

Knowing how FZ was constantly sampling audio snippets of life on the road into his music, and knowing what he thought about sampling snippets of other people’s music to create “new music”; what would FZ have had to say about Grey Tuesday?

Boot Blurb Goes Here

You know, it can get hard sometimes to be writing sensible intro blurbs for the Friday Boot, so I thought I’d just leave you with: Palais Omnisports de Bercy, Paris, France 17 Sep 1984 (Pt. One) – with thanks once again to the ever prodigal Gilles.


Estelle Axton, co-founder of the famed Stax Records Co., which generated hits from acts including Sam and Dave, Otis Redding Jr. and The Staple Singers, died yesterday, aged 85. (hat tip: Hairfarmer)


… and while I spend my day posting about beer, United-Mutation’s newsletter is, once again, well worth checking out. Aren’t these great?


If you ever find yourself in Belgium (one doesn’t plan to go there, one somehow finds him/herself there), you’ll need the opposite of these.

Big Bud

It’s like Big Brother, only, Big Brother’s offering you a beer: “The last time you bought a six-pack of Bud Light at the Piggly Wiggly, Anheuser servers most likely recorded what you paid, when that beer was brewed, whether you purchased it warm or chilled, and whether you could have gotten a better deal down the street. Drilling down to the level of the individual store, they can pinpoint if customers are gay, Latino, 30-year-old, college-educated conservatives.”

Imaginary Imaginer

Barry’s Imaginary Publisher is in no need for Imaginary Girlfriends, thank you. He much rather inflict some Imaginary Diseases on his self. Aah, the imagination of The Imaginer

Gotta Go Bye Bye

To this, I can only say this: Power To The (Village) People! (Delicious pun courtesy of Dr Sharleena) Also: Arf! He said.


Look on the dark side of life: it’s good for you!

Cover Art

More ugly/hilareous album covers for your perusal. Rather out of place, Cpt. Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica made the selection. The scariest one? Right overhere, me thinks.

Backstage Sin

Backstage Sin
» Lurid Paperback Cover of the Week


‘silence is not acoustic, it is a change of mind, it is a turning around’, so said john cage in reference to his infamous silent symphony. So put some good music on your stereo, and give it a listen. Then, when your feeling stressed, you can always bring it to mind, hum along, and let your troubles dissolve away.

Frejus Update

Lacked “Whippin’ Post” earlier, got it now. Enjoy!

The Viagra Prank

“There we were, a normal American family going to church: Mom, Dad, and our two-year-old. Except unbeknownst to those around us, Dad was hopped up on Viagra.”

It’s my blog and I’ll post a quiz if I want to

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