6 thoughts on “Cover Art”

  1. And Ruben And The Jets is there ….someones aving a larf ..
    I sent ’em “No Talent Required” by Ph*l C*LLins as a counterblarst
    (this is a dam good scam these people have got going wish i’d thought of it)

  2. Don’t know how many of you made it all the way thru, but there were two on page 31 (#367 & 368) that made me LOL (one isn’t a real album cover, someone photoshopped a real album cover; I won’t give it away, ya gotta check it out. It’s really Fab!), and there on page 32 (#379) is the pooched-out, succulent rictous of one Edwin “Punky” Meadows…

  3. Yes, but discovering that Angel had a palindromic logo makes them lose about half a suck-point on my personal scale. (doesn’t help them much)

  4. Yeah, it’s real scary, they’re really serious! I bet they’re republicans.

    But, well, Jesus probably thinks they are jerks.

  5. That is one huge-ass pile o crap. That Photoshopped one is priceless… thanks for pointing it out.

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