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let’s hear it for another great Belgian……

Recently, the minions at the KUR Office were remiss in failing to mention the anniversary of the passing of one James Marshall Hendrix.
This guy “skinny, gawky with buck teeth” shuffled off the coil 25 years ago today.

Zappa in France Again

Goodmorning and welcome to the earliest post I’ve ever made on HotPoop. “Zappa In France”, the photobook that has photos from the Olympia 68 to the Zénith 88 concert (which Dr Sharleena mentioned a while back), is now available. A couple of random photos from it: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6.

Is the world safer…

Not so long ago, brave souls were able to risk life and eyebrows with the aid of a handy dandy how to guide, from the adroit pyro-maniacs of internet land. This it seems is a little to much freedom for some. Now this information/knowledge is again dissipated from the reach of browsing souls. Well, i guess eyebrows probably are safer, even if the world probably ain’t.

anyone interested in zappa news ?

G and S Music are offering the DVD of Does Humor Belong In Music ?for £11.75 / 18 Euros for a limited period and the forthcoming release from The Ensemble Modern Greggery Peccary & Other Persuasions for £13.75 / 21 Euros.
Also, ( Bob Again ), they’ve got the latest from Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band entitled “Dichotomy” (vol. 1 Studio Out-Takes, Rarities and Demos ). Here endeth the sales pitch for G and S Music.


My name is Martyn Singleton. I am an artist and currently researching
“blogs” for a project I am hoping to have commisioned. The project is
exploring the underlying compulsions within blogging and the varied outcomes
within society at large. For the moment however, I am hoping to ascertain
people’s motivations through a simple questionnaire.

1. Why do you keep a blog?
Because I get bored easily. Because I love the web. Because I like to learn from visitor feedback. Because I like the visitor interaction. Because, let’s face it, I suffer from a narcissus complex.

2. If you couldn’t keep a blog would you have a “paper” diary and/or do you
already keep a one and if you have an “offline” diary, why both?
No, no, and again: no.

3. Who do you imagine is typically reading your blog?
People that want free FZ boot downloads. Also, people that wish to have my child. Plus: people that want free FZ boot downloads. Did I mention people that want free FZ boot downloads?

4. Have you ever had any “unusual experiences” through contact/comment on
your blog? Describe.
Yes. People that wish to have my child. Also: people that love my devilish wit. Surreal.

5. Does blogging bring people closer together? why?
Music oriented blogs like mine are hubs that bring together people interested in the same topic (read: people that want free FZ boot downloads). Whether I bring people closer together, I do not know. I hope I do.

6. What role do “blogs” fulfill in society and how do you imagine they will
be remembered in the future?
What role: they are an independent voice in a worldwide web that has become overly commercial. They reduce the web back to what it was intended to be: a means of communication rather than a means to sell dog food. How will they be remembered? Erh… they gave out free FZ boots?

7. If you could be any animal which would you choose?
A yellow mudshark.

8. What is your favourite colour?
Red. Entirely too much red.

9. Please state your favourite date, ie: 14th July 1863.
May 4th 1964.


” I really don’t like doing interviews. I have no control over what you’re going to write. But somewhere I hope you’re going to say that I hold Blair more responsible than Bush for this war. Because Bush doesn’t know better, Blair does. Bush could’ve gotten away with this without Blair. It is my challenge to the British public to get up off the couch and find another way.”

They work the wall…they work the pipe…they work the floor…and they work the wall some more.

Hey, folks! Have you always wanted your very own place for all your exotic dancing needs, but don’t want to pay a fortune in protection money to the mob or kickbacks to the vice squad? Well, it looks like these guys have the solution just for you. Enjoy the delights of exotic dancing in the comfort of your own home. Yow! More fun than a wet T-shirt contest!


Now that the colder weather’s coming in here, I’m taking Bob Agains advice; bought myself a cap and singing this song.

Cruel Parents

If you thought Moon Unit or Dweezil are weird names, how would you like to be named Toolio, or Manchester, or Charles d’Artagnan?

Fifties Fun



Goodmorning sportsfans! I don’t believe we’ve had a ’76 boot here before (have we? I’m starting to lose track). So without further ado: Berlin, March 4 ’76 (Pt. One).

The Badge Madge, The Badge

MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand: “Why not just genetically engineer women for milk?” (via mkt)

A Cumfy Sofa

A while back we presented the “Big Leg Emma” bicycle. Now we give you the SofaMobile.


Having only scored 6 out of 10 on the Brussels Brainbuster, I’m consoling myself reading about these idiots and helping myself to the KUR Office supplies of coffee and biscuits.

Zappa Affair II

At TheBigNote: “A Zappa Affair” orchestral concert, Zellerbach Auditorium, UC Berkeley, 16-Jun-1984 (Pt. II). Played by the Berkely Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by Kent Nagano.