Best Kinda Pet

Baby Snakes, the DVD, can now be pre-ordered and should be shipping after November 18… The big question though: will it have *subtiles*?

9 Responses to “Best Kinda Pet”

  1. Guac says:

    well the one I’ve got you can select your choice of language – no Indonesian though ;-)

  2. Bob Again says:

    …with or without lawsuit? What in the world is RED DISTRIBUTION? Region?

  3. Balint says:

    I hope it will be “subtiled” – in Hungarian!!!
    Otherwise how should I know what is Titties and Beer?!?!?…

  4. Bob Again says:

    That should be easy. Titties is two-packs; Beer is six-packs.

  5. Isaac says:

    The ZFT [I]IS[/I] coming out with a Baby Snakes DVD soon. They haven’t said when, though. Trance-Fusion should be out by Halloween or November, as they’ve announced that it might come out in the fall. If Trance-Fusion doesen’t come out in the fall, it’ll probably be avalible by X-MAS 2003. They are working hard to get Baby Snakes out by Halloween, as I’ve been told.

  6. Bob Again says:

    …and wolverines really do make good house pets!

  7. Dr Sharleena says:

    …with or without tusks, Bob? Btw, the mammoth is doing verre well, he is now in KUR office’s foyer kindly receiving new visitors, chuckling and laughing, his cutis fresh as a lettuce. We should teach him some German tho…I’ve seen there’s some gaps in his mind and i don’t want him to feel depressed so soon…You know. Also, the Kegelmaster i provided him is too tiny. I should order a special one…Oh, house pets!

  8. Bob Again says:

    If it were my pet, I’d prefer tusks – might be a bit hard on the furniture, but would significantly reduce the pop-in guests! I’m glad to hear everything is defrosting nicely. I wish I had room here for a mammoth. It would go nicely with the caveman decor!

  9. dmt says:

    Wanna buy some cave paintings, Bob?