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We’ll always have Paris

Just obtained the ’80 Paris Palais du Sport concert in .mpg format (that’s sound and image). Of course the tune renditions are great, but the addition of imagery adds an intrigueging dimension to the whole thing. For instance, in this particular venue, Ike Willis looks like a mutant StarWars extra from the planet Zorb, Ray White wears glasses so terminally uncool that fashion designers will surely dub them the next big craze. And FZ, well, he’s just cool as ever, as guitarplayer, as conductor (note the baton!), as MC. Oh, and did you know Ray White doesn’t use plectrums, instead relying on thumb strumming technique?

Duck & Cover! He’s gonna bring up bandwidth again!

Sigh… okay, so i removed this week’s Friday Boot shortly after i posted it. For those of you that mailed me, asking what the fuck I thought I was doing: As we speak, I have an estimate of $65 overage costs because of bandwidth limits being surpassed. Since I’m a nice (and if I don’t watch out, broke) guy: here it is for a couple days more. Please consider donating a few bucks to help me keep the Friday Boot affordable though. Thanks.

Mr Hankey

Hey, where’s Mr Hankey?

You can’t even speak your own LOVING language!

Is it being politically correct or is it just spinelessness?

Moonbugs & Antidotes

A personal note: my band Moonbug has once again been selected for the WestTalent rock rally. Last time we entered back in 2001, we came in second to a group called “Lemon”, which subsequently got a record deal and a radio hit. We got an honorable mention as being “the Henry Rollins of the psychiatric ward” (little did they know we’d simply fucked up our closing tune rhythmically; they figured it was avant-garde). Not only that, our bassplayer Jan Goddaer (brother of Piet “Ozark Henry” Goddaer) has also been selected with his solo project “A Word Antidote” for which I’ll be playing guitar and doing vocals–on the same evening! The whole thing is taking place next October 18. Oh and next Saturday we’re having a gig in Kortrijk. Come cheer us on if you can!

What is in a name ?

As you may or may not have noticed, Zoot Allures is a tough name to find online. I’m looking for a new name since all search engine results end up on Frank Zappa album reviews etc..


A DVD version of “Does Humor Belong In Music” is to be released on October 20. (If I sound a little humorless it’s because I’m focused on giving you FZ news and Friday Boots ;-)

Chicago, Pt II

Chicago, March 4 ’88 (Pt. 2) is now available.

maintaining the status quo

An Americans perceived view of the situation.

the man comes around (again)

For those of you looking for the Friday boot, never mind, I’m sure Barry will get round to it. Meanwhile, here’s something for you to read.

700 kgs of Venezuelan dynamite

Oh, here comes GREGGERY.

(load of old) bollocks

From Scotland and Ireland.


When all else fails, we can whip the horse’s eyes, and make them sleep, and cry? Bollocks. Let’s have a poll instead. Enforced Audience Participation! The Question: Why Are You Here? (your click will increment # votes)

Anyone heard of tuva ?

In 1977, Feynman asked, “Whatever happened to Tannu Tuva?”. I think the question is simpler than the answer.

Kein Designer

Kein Designer Samstag, in case you’re interested (and of the german persuasion). FZ’s not featured which I deplore since this year marks the 10th “aniversary” of his demise. Come to think of it: any ideas on how we can commemorate FZ’s passing, here at KUR?