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  1. When I first got on the web with my Zappa Tribute Page, I used the image of Zappa yawning, as seen on the Chunga’s Revenge cover. I then proceeded to ask Geir Corneliussen (Friendly Little FZ Links) to add my page to his page of links. He wrote back telling me he was going to sue me if I didn’t remove the Phil Phranks copyrighted image (insert lots of exclamation marks here). So, being a law abiding citizen, I did, and lo and behold, nearly a month later Geir had listed me in his links page. Aaah the olden days! Moral of the story: don’t be using Phil Phranks Zappa pics, unless your idea of a good time is to have a bunch of bloodsucking lawyers sueing the hell out of you…

  2. Well, i for one can’t understand why GC would want to sue you for using a PF copyrighted image. Interestingly, the links page on GC’s site seems ironically enough broken. The copyright page on PH’s site seems equally ironically enough to have javascript bugs (at least for my browser), though it’s clear in it’s disavowal of the free use of copyright images. D’accord. Did you ever mail PF for ‘express written’, and quite possibly tautological permission for use of the image on kur ?

  3. No I didn’t. Man, I was too intidimated, heheh. Have to remember, back then, both sites you quote were very much alive. I do respect PH’s claim on copyright though. I have no problem with photographers saying: “look, this is my work, it’s copyrighted, don’t use it unless you pay me for it”. Zappa himself had a similar stance with regard to his output, didn’t he?

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