Zappa 101?

“There’s not substitute for discipline, and it’s the first thing a musician must learn when they join the band. . . . If you want to make a record or tour, you have to start by working as hard as you can practicing and expanding on your limitations. If you can’t do that yourself, you need someone to push you, and that’s all I do.” Nothing really new here for the hardcore fan; it’s just nice to see FZ in this list.

6 thoughts on “Zappa 101?”

  1. For some bizarre reason, when I saw the URL, I was expecting to be presented with Gary “WhatchootalkinboutWillis” Coleman’s views on FZ’s body of work. Not so fortunately. Some nice quotes there indeed, that I hadn’t come across before.

  2. Imagine the shock…living until 1959 only to realize you had already died two years earlier. Good eye, Bertanya! Apart from that, there seems to be a lot of good info about other modern composers.

  3. Mr. Coleman is having some difficulty with his publisher and has postponed release of his book, “WhatchootalkinaboutWatson?” This volume is reportedly a critique of Dr. Ben Watson’s earlier work concerning Frank Zappa. As soon as I hear more, I’ll set up a link for all of us to enjoy…

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