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Project Object

Project Object Show 28 March 2003 in Buffalo – scroll down for some pics…

Look Ma, No Hands!

Leave it up to the Japanese to invent the first powered sex aid capable of moving vertically as well as horizontally without needing a guiding hand from the user.

Out to Lunch

Rest assured, stupidity is universal: Belgian drunk-driver found grazing.


Time Magazine: “The U.S., neoconservatives believe, is unique in its power and its principles. It cannot allow its mission to be tied down by international agreements that diminish its freedom of action. At the same time, neoconservatives insist that theirs is a generous and internationalist vision; other nations, other peoples, will willingly support U.S. policies—which, by definition, are good for them as well as Americans—if only those policies are clearly articulated and implemented with determination.”
Roughly translated: We, the people in charge, know what is best for you and we’ll spoonfeed it to you whether you agree or not. So hey, why don’t you like us?


Nice: GooglePeople. Ask it “who is the Illinois Enema Bandit?” and it will come up with the right answer! (via geekgrrl)

Fahrenheit 911

How long before Michael Moore dies in a mysterious airplane crash?

Teen Angst

Way back when in your teens, were you the kind of morose slash suicidal yet creative slash self-pitying person with an irresistible urge to share your deep thoughts with a compulsively secretive diary? If so, why not submit your wonderful writings to Teenage Angst-Fest.


What’s new in Pittsburgh.

Update 20/12/03: thread now closed for comments.

duh ?

potato headed Bobby was a friend of mine. Well, baby you can be an
asshole too.

Oh boy

“Decades of budget cuts in education are finally yielding results, a fact confirmed by CNN’s poll of March 16, which shows that an astonishing 51 percent of the public believe that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.” Ouch

More Teenage Prostitutes

I love the smell of boots in the morning.

Ottawa ’76

Pictures of Frank in Ottawa, 1976. Hey, we can post a non-war related entry as good as the next guy. Thanks Dirk!

still rising

min 227 max 307.


Sometimes I wish my computer could do this.