Touch him

Play your own Jim Morrison at will: The Jim Morrison Simulatron. Fiiireee…Me…AAAAWWWWRIGHT…!!!

4 Responses to “Touch him”

  1. SOFA says:

    That was pretty cool!

  2. ian says:

    I hear that “possibly the most overrated group of all time” are to re-form; Densmore, probably wisely, declined so the other two have dragged in Stewart Copeland. Can’t remember who it is they’ve got for the leather clad sleazeball though.

  3. Barry says:

    Ian Astbury!… where the hell did they dig up that fossile?

  4. hairfarmer says:

    Not only is Densmore not a part of it, he’s suing Manzarek and Kreiger to try and force them to stop.

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