Quebec firm sued by Zappas

The family of iconoclastic rock legend Frank Zappa is suing a small Quebec city-based furniture retailer for copyright violation.
They were using Watermelon to sell furnitures and appliances!!! :-O (btw, the statement “In the song, “Joe” joins the “Church of Appliantology” is not exact, no? this is just the imaginary guitar solo…and they even post an excerpt of the song…oh well)

Men With Ripped Anal Tissue

When you have the time, search YahooGroups. Use Zappa as your search term. Here’s what you’ll come up with:
Men With Breasts
“BOOBIES! HIM GOT BIG BOOBIES! Hi I’m Kiloh and this club is about gynecomastia. To those people who may have strayed here gynecomastia means the development of female like breasts on men.”

And then next thing you know, you’ll stumble upon this:

Ripped Anal Tissue
“Hello my name is Kiloh.This group is for the discussion of anal problems (ripped tissue, hemorroids, weak sphincters) and how to live with them. Some things that cause hemorroids are Me, football, sitting on the toilet reading, and debt.”
This guy Kiloh fun or what?

Golfball-sized lumps of phlegm

Anyone wanting to visit BarryTowers, located somewhere in Asscrack Belgium, take heed of these words from Fraser upon visiting Luba: It’s not a language, it’s some kind of terrible vocal torture, as if people are trying to swallow their own heads while simultaneously attempting to cough up golfball-sized lumps of phlegm. Quite an accurate description, if you ask me.

You Are Not Alone

Got a song stuck in your head? You Are Not Alone: “Kellaris’s previous research into the phenomenon of earworms revealed that “sticky” songs are those that are relatively simple, repetitive, and contain an element that surprises the listener. This incongruous element can be an interrupted pattern, or something that violates expectations of what comes next.” See also here