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Like, totally

It used to be growing deaf, now it’s getting blurry eyesight.

Good Advice

Rule 10: don’t mix drinks. They’re right you know, trust me. And whatever you do, don’t add Tequila into the mix. Trust me on that one too…

The Sound of Uzi

What the world needs in these dark days is a clean fun action-packed movie. [ found here ]

Guilty Pleasures

“Guilty pleasures, those songs you know you shouldn’t like but do, can make you hide your CDs like an alcoholic hides booze, except that to most people, secret drinking isn’t as bad as owning Bachman Turner Overdrive, let alone playing it.” See now that’s what I mean by Ugly Radio

Phish Live | Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA 10/07/00 – absolutely free MP3 download, available until 1/1/03.

Increasingly evil

A year ago I was 23% evil. Today I turn out to be 27% evil. If this trend continues, I should be a right devilish bastard by the time I’m 65. Stay tuned…

Barfko Swillmas

ZappaXMAS: The deals are so robust as to make even the Dick’s Picks Scroogulent types happy for the holidays. Heheh.

December 21…

Today is Frank Zappa’s birthday! In an impressive effort of production, special envoys of HotPoop have obtained this document never published before: a picture taken that very same day at the Mercy Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. Brought to you by KUR stuff!

Erh what’s this?

Have a look at this page. It has a 10 set “FZ anthology” for sale. It states: “Copyright ‘Home Collection’. Original CD (Not a CD-R). Sound quality: 192kbps.” Gail, are you reading this?

Ho Ho Ho

T’is the season to be jelly! Send a Christmas eCard why don’t you.

How the hell..?

An amazingly accurate personality test. Which is why I’m not telling you my results!


Stupid Band Names. A couple I’d add: Yes, CSN&Y, ELP, ELO. Oh, and not to forget The Pet Shop Boys (insert gag reflex here).


Non-Flemish readers will not get this: Hoehel int westvloms. Flemish readers: set yer cup of coffee aside before clicking!


The twoika, er troika, of tykes behind The Shawk Haters Club have got news for you. And to help spwead the message about the dangers of “shawks,” these pint-sized third-gwaders have pwepared this fwiendly public sewvice announcement.

Nicks Biz

Admit it: you always wanted a portrait of you with Stevie Nicks, didn’t you? Well now you can.