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American Gothic

(Let’s try that again…) Found this via via via, thought it was quite funny. FZ and W. Burroughs through the eyes of Grant Woods. The site from the guy who photoshopped it is right here.

Keep It Greasy

Greasecar vegetable Fuel Systems allow any diesel vehicle to run on straight, unprocessed vegetable oil. Reduce your car’s cholesterol level: drive vegetarian! (via

Rump Romp Variations

A blind psychic claims he can read people’s futures by feeling their naked buttocks, according to a Local 6 News report.

Albums Collection Hall of Shame

Now here’s a list I find interesting: One Hundred Albums You Should Remove From Your Collection Immediately. I have a couple albums that I really oughta shoulda get rid of myself. They include Pearl Jam’s “Vitalogy”, Alanis Morrissette’s “MTV Unplugged” (hey, I know I know, so sue me!) and Bob Dylan “Live at Budokan” which I’ve had for over a year and still haven’t listened to (hey, I know, I know, so sue me!).

test… test… sequel…

Probably one of the most complex online tests I’ve ever taken, and I come up with this result:


Grandmothers tour & band canceled

Grandmothers RIP.

Important announcement

It’s happening now in Austin, TX.

Backstage Follies

Reader/contributor NPR pointed me to these pages which document the kind of stuff The Big Stars demand while they’re backstage. Al dente pasta. Boxes of corn starch. Six different brands of liquor. Sliced roasted turkey. And that’s only tip o’ the iceberg type stuff.

Antique Weirdness

Brian’s Page of Antique Weirdness features pictorial oddities from goneby times, some of them quite fascinating. The Sex section for instance holds some pretty weird imagery which I’m sure you’ll enjoy.
I’m back by the way. More or less.

Censorship won this time

“Greenpeace was ordered to remove its modified Esso logo from their StopEsso campaign while a court hearing proceeds.”
The kind guys from Esso don’t want any people to link to this site.

Esso claimed that the dollar signs Greenpeace has used in place of the “SS” in the logo linked the company to the infamous Nazi “SS” and damaged Esso’s reputation. It is Esso’s behaviour, rather anything Greenpeace is doing, that is damaging the corporation’s reputation.

Needing to quit smoking?

“Nicolaxx is quite easy to administer and quitting smoking has never been this easy!” -via sax & sunshine-(anxiously waiting for the cannabis enema coming soon).
Meanwhile, lemme tell you I’ve found a solution to, you know, that little problem I’ve had, with Under-Ease Underwear. There has been no trace of bad gas odors here in the office since i wear them. Come back again! HotPoop place smells like roses now…

In the meantime,

while we are awaiting, here are some interesting paintings on our hero: a drawing made by Arthur Young Wendler, this Giorgio Comolo stony Frank and a weird Bill Foss portrait of Zappa with a sacred heart of lemon with a barbed wire (!!!).

News from Australia?

Info coming from Larry from the Zappa-list, a Yahoo’s e-mails Group:

This is my post and reply to the “vaultmeister” at, from yesterday, 07/16/02
Larry L wrote:
Is there any news regarding the Live In Australia CD?

It should be finished & ready to ship by (hopefully) the end of this month. The artwork has been finalized & we are waiting for the cd to finish the manufacturing stage. There was a small delay in that.
The next cd won’t take as long.


Everybody is awaiting.

…A time to break down,

and a time to build up.
The agency responsible for rebuilding the World Trade Center site announced six proposals on Tuesday, all featuring substantial memorials and office buildings. This other site shows 35 artists visions for WTC site, and you can even vote for the one you’d prefer. Honestly, I’d like better a beautiful garden like the one Adam Purple proposes, but hey, I don’t live in Manhattan…

Ritchie is itching…

Help Ritchie to fulfill his needs with your keyboard. The guys at milkandcookies (thanx!) advice to try with these key-scratch combinations: USHK, FHKU, FQ, IGOPE and SHKME but they don’t work in this Mac…