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The truth is out there

Just installed Microsoft’s “Entourage” mail manager. It has the introductory sound of a UFO loaded with little green men with big black eyes, coming to kidnap your brain, when you start it up. Thank god for my tin foil helmet!

Amnerika Hardcore Extacy

115 jailed at Atlanta party with live sex — oh boy. Quote: “Amanda Jones, 29, of Cumming, who police said performed sex on stage, was charged with public indecency.” You know what they say, reality is stranger than fiction? Yeah, that.


In many ways I am very much not a hipster, except for the odd two or three criteria that fit my profile: I get shellacked on occasion, I wear raphaels and I’m definitely a Wally. Bronson, anyone?

We should have

one of these in the office, Barry. Don’tcha think?

Crown Caps Universe

I had pleasant flashbacks looking at this Crown Caps Images site. See if you can remember the ones from your country. (source: somewhere in the dark mazes of kaoscity)

Heaven Or Hell?

An argument over who was going to heaven and who was going to hell ended with one Texas man shooting another to death with a shotgun, police said Monday.
Meanwhile, temperatures here today are of such tropical proportions that I’m just too lazy to be doing much link researching. Hey, it’s the holidays!

Misteries of Science Unveiled

See young talents applied to the development of amazing new technologies: The Extreme Use of Nearly Universal Cooling Hardware (Project E.U.N.U.C.H.) is already a fact! Includes Ham Explorer download.

Return of The Son of

Let’s See Some More Frank Zappa Pictures, part Two: one from ’77, The Master Synthesizer, a tender scene daddy and son, and a specially handsome Frank apparently signing authographs in Berkeley.

Shit Happens

Whether you’re a Presbyterian, a Muslim, an Episcopalian or a Hedonist, shit will always happen.

Search me

Look ma! You can search Hot Poop’s archives now! Use the form at the extreme right of the page (only the last 500 entries are searchable), thanks to‘s excellent free service. Please report any possible bugs to yours truly…

Did Anyone’s Hair Just Grow Out?

Some of you may know that I have a very very short haircut — by choice, not by circumstance! That’s why reading up on The Men’s Long Hair Messageboard has kept me chuckling for the last half hour. With such topic titles as: “Shampooing”, “RE: Cure for the awkward stage” and “The Dreaded Flip-Curl”, here’s one online community that really cares.
(btw: I was looking for a “rate beautiful men” site to please our female readers when I stumbled on this one.)

Go get your cup of tea

…and check out this interview that Pamela des Barres has made to Gail in june. Some revelations while drinking tea into the night. (thanks Román from group)

Lekkere Wijven…

… is a dutch term indicating “hot chicks”. You can view and rate a whole bunch of them overhere. Careful though, it’s a little addictive.
(yes: my holiday starts in exactly 52 minutes!)

Flou Artistique

The Worst Band Photos Of All Time contains exactly the kind of collection you think it does. Here’s a sample, where the photographer apparently went wild with the vaseline.
Thank god for the seventies!

The Hot Poop Variations

Tired of reading this page? How about listening to it? “The webPlayer is a generative music creator, taking pages from the web and turning them into music, providing a soundtrack to enhance your browsing experience.”
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