Amnerika Hardcore Extacy

115 jailed at Atlanta party with live sex — oh boy. Quote: “Amanda Jones, 29, of Cumming, who police said performed sex on stage, was charged with public indecency.” You know what they say, reality is stranger than fiction? Yeah, that.

3 thoughts on “Amnerika Hardcore Extacy”

  1. It was a sex scene that had to be seen to be believed, and for three hours undercover Atlanta cops watched.

    Yeah, i would have thought so… hehe. but there are numerous possibilities, why they waited so long before they did something:
    1. They actually were some of the men having sex.
    2. They had to pay for the ticket and wanted to get their money’s worth.
    3. They didn’t actually get what was going on, until someone in the audience said goddammit, this is a wicked sex-party!

  2. Why don’t I ever get invited to these parties? I’m never on the clothesline anymore. Maybe it’s because I go to a junior uni. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a wally, but I’m no ishtar. Whatever the case is, I’d appreciate it if someone got on their piece and let me know next time. I’ll call a hog, and head down to the party. I’d just love to watch all the tassles gettin down. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’d see some CK1 tassles! Yeah! Ok, enough of that hipster stuff. But seriously folks, why don’t I ever get invited to these things?

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