HotPoop Headquarters!

Almost one year ago, Barry decided to renew his HotPoop service news as a blog. And it was hell of a year, if i may say so. We’ve been able to know very cool people, which i hope is reading this now (yes, i’m talking of you two! :-). Here’s a picture of our precious office, apologies to all that are not there, but you have to come to the office in order to stay in the pic! :-)

14 Responses to “HotPoop Headquarters!”

  1. Dr Sharleena says:

    …Barry, don’t yell at me, i’ll shrink the picture later! :-)

  2. Barry says:

    Oh, I’ll yell at you! But only to say THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY HILAREOUS! I’m still grinning, can’t wipe it off my face just yet, hehehe… (the tin foil is a killer, btw)

  3. Dr Sharleena says:

    well, Barry, i’ve had the delicacy of not putting the picture of you testing my pink leotards (don’t worry, that one will remain private :-)
    I think that deserves a double beer ration for me! :-) Thanks for your comments!

  4. DebK says:

    Dr, Dr give me the news, I got a bad case of…….the giggles! Oh that is precious! You have made my day!!! Thank you, thank you! You got everybody, too! How did you get that picture of me with my shoes off! You must have been sneaking around behind the copier!

    DebK (because purple is not just a color, it’s a way of life!)

  5. SOFA says:

    How come all of you are just standing around?
    Oh yeah, I see. There’s no SOFA in the picture

  6. Bob Again says:

    Wowee Zowee!! Even Bob is in the picture. Yes, that’s him lurking betwixt the Sofa and Britney – and a perfect likeness. Keep him away from the CD player. I think that’s a copy of Dreamboat Annie in his hand.

    Kra-Zee on Ewe!!

  7. Noplasticrobots says:

    I wasn’t expecting to see such a likeness of myself on the internet today! Good one.

  8. Dr Sharleena says:

    Oh, yeah, Bob, everybody is in the pic because it’s an OSFA one…Notice also that Britney’s breasts have been pixelated for your security at work. This is a safe picture, for God’s sake! :-) Of course i caught Deb with shoes off (you are always barefoot when making your spells, haven’t you realized?)and her brand new purple Utilikilt. And NoPlasticRobots…Oh well, i’m probably the only one old fart who watched Get Smart! on the tv, but when i was a girl, i used to be in love with Hymie (Jaime, in spanish) because he was SO CUTE!!! aaaah…:-)
    Thanks for your comments, ladies & gentlemen. I’m glad we are all together (altogether?) tuned in HotPoop!

  9. DebK says:

    The Dr sez: Oh well, i’m probably the only one old fart who watched Get Smart! on the tv, but when i was a girl, i used to be in love with Hymie (Jaime, in spanish) because he was SO CUTE!!! aaaah…:-)

    Oh, not the only one. He was cute, but inaccessible. Now Smart, himself, I admired his intelligence and his persistence.

    And, yes I am always barefoot when “working”, I just thought no one was looking! (love that kilt, I feel so free and comfortable in it!)

  10. Bob Again says:

    Sorry about that…I am also of the Get Smart years. All that secret agent/mock secret agent stuff was cool. Johnny Rivers…I digress again. Many thanks for the effort put into this very entertaining artwork! I wish you hadn’t covered up Britney’s boobs, but I can find other websites for boobs. Anyone remember that old Fugs song about Boobs A Lot? Yeah, it was pretty silly, but on the mark.

  11. Noplasticrobots says:

    Hey, I watched Get Smart too….on Nick at Nite as a kid. Hey, I’m only 22 alright! Who could forget the shoe phone, or the Karman-Ghia?

  12. Bertanya says:

    Wow, the KUR office, it’s a privilege.

  13. Eric Johnson says:

    Woah, I’m in the picture…….that’s a horrible back side pic of me. I’ll send better ones.

  14. Anonymous says:

    it is fucking shit

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