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Watched PinkPop on tv yesterday. A short review: Millionnaire (belgian group, seriously deranged singer), Macy Gray (dressed in pink, great band, great voice), Lamb (intrigueing tshink-ploink-ploink-squeek-thud with attitude) and Gomez (noisy yet melodic; these guys look creepishly normal!) were pretty good; Alien Ant Farm (yuk), System Of A Down (yukketie) and Rammstein (yukketie yuk) sucked all the way.
(Hate to admit it but: Lenny Kravitz sounded pretty funky too)


More info on ZappaWeen, the Halloween NYC concert, can be found at Terry Bozzio’s site as he’s agreed to take on the musical director hat for this Frank Zappa tribute of next October 31. Steve Vai and Patrick O’hearn have also agreed to join in (so far).
What’s more: the site is inviting you to submit songs you’d like to see performed that night. Songs already suggested can be found on this page.

They’re gonna get your numba

It caught nobody’s attention how certain people wouldn’t want to learn how to “land” an airplane, just to fly it… Nobody noticed this memo… But now they are worried about the books you could read. Yes, sir!

Big John Wants Your Reading List

John Ashcroft’s recent USA Patriot Act apparently “grants FBI agents across the country breathtaking authority to obtain an order from the FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] court … requiring any person or business to produce any books, records, documents, or items.”
The FBI, armed with a warrant or subpoena from the FISA court, can demand from bookstores and libraries the names of books bought or borrowed by anyone suspected of involvement in “international terrorism” or “clandestine activities.”
Franz Kafka, here we come!

The Last Temptation Of Homer

Last night, one of my favorite Simpsons episodes was on: The Last Temptation Of Homer. Just wanted you to know that! ;o)

Telephonic Ditch

I frequently ask myself the question: if FZ were still among us in these grim times, what kind of new sociological developments would he pick up on, and make fun of? Here’s one I think he might have dedicated a song to:
The Telephonic Ditch for Shy People.

Thinking of cybersex?

It’s preferable to use e-mails instead of chat devices, as you can see in this transcript of an ill-fated cybersex session.

Google Gods

Hail the search engine gods. Following months of Google refusing to index HotPoop (a result of our problematic move to, we are finally back on the Google track!
Google Slut? Moi? You betcha!

Tech Support With Ozzy

If Ozzy Osbourne were to give tech support, it would go something like this. The unavoidable punchline: Whoa! Way to bite off her head dude!

Bring the search engine on down behind me boys

Britney Spears Doesn’t Know Who Yoko Ono Is: Where has she been living? In a yogurt flask?!?

Neighbour From Hell

This sort of reminds me of my leftdoor neighbour. The only difference is that my neighbour also has the habit of peeing in his garden wearing nothing but his underwear (but let’s not get into that!).

Dancing Fool

Talk about a dancing fool.

Licking In The Name Of…

…Art: A Chinese performance artist is inviting people to bring things for him to lick at an exhibition in Australia. He says by licking things he makes a connection with the world around him and claims he enriches the world’s spirituality with his tongue.
Don’t forget to bring your dog when you visit the exhibit!

The Basic Building Block of the Universe

Have you ever pondered about stupidity? Me: every time, specially when I see something I like, that is really stupid (“I can’t post that, Barry would kick my ass…! hey, I’ll do it anyway :-) For luck, the subject of stupidity has had a significant body of research. And a book on the subject has just been published: “Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid”. Check it out, none of us is immune… :-)

Dangerous Toy in the Shelves

Veggie Tales Corporation, the children’s toys company, has unscrupulously released “Larry, The Battery Powered Cucumber”. “Christian experts believe that, like Mr. Potato Head, this could be yet another attempt by liberals to force their evil “tolerance” into True Christian homes.” A link is provided to purchase & burn the, let’s say, “toy”. If you are a true believer, give a hand to get rid of the evilish filth!